♣ Behind the World’s Political Climate

“… these men who have turned the world upside down.” – Acts 17:6

2020 WAS A surreal year to state the least and while we can leave that year behind to some extent can we confidently lay our hands on our hearts and say that 2021 will prove to be an uplifting year?

I do believe 2020 was a gate year into another era, an era that will not be palatable to many of us. This, however, does not negate times of refreshing, encouragement and victories, but it is a time where evil will accelerate.

2008 proved to be a beginning of an era where evil was called good and it has progressed slowly but surely to where heinous crimes are now not only committed in ‘broad daylight’ but where certain powers and authorities are immune to facing the consequences and penalties of such inhumane conduct.

While our current political climate is one that is grossly affecting the lives of millions world-wide and where dishonesty gains the seats and favour of many above those who desire to serve in propagating and protecting the welfare of citizens, I am not writing to solely express my heart and convictions of today’s political immorality. While this plays an integral part of our lives, individually and collectively, a more serious issue lies behind the scenes.

What ought to be surprising and grieving than the condition of current world affairs and its political mass of blatant dishonesty is how so many confessing evangelical Christians are unaware to what really is manifesting throughout the world. I will daringly state that the Church has long-lived blessed times of discerning right from wrong, but we now live in a generation where such a keen spiritual eye is sorely lacking; Christians are lacking in sound wisdom and discernment; how can any Christian see spiritually when they cannot see through the lies of corrupt administrations and overt immorality? Furthermore, what cuts to the heart are many churches that teach sound reformed doctrine and yet show no sign of discerning the lies of corrupt political administrations. It is an undeniable condition that defies all logic and sound reasoning.

This moral climate is one that supersedes politics; we are dealing with overt evil and lamentably there are many evangelical Christians who fail to see while falling for the lies of such powers that masquerade as good against evil. I ask again: how on earth can we possess sound spiritual judgement if we fail to discern blatant immorality? It is not a matter of opinion; we live in days where a stark contrast exists; the struggle is overtly black and white; satanic and angelic.

When recognising that the New Testament Church turned the world upside down, one cannot help seeing the world’s current political climate as the measure of the Church’s spiritual temperature.

Deny it as much as we want, the reality of the world’s condition will always come back and stare us in the face until we recognise that we have played a vast part – whether for good or bad – in the lives of an unbelieving culture.

Yes, God is in control over all matters; He is sovereign overall, but nowhere does that nullify our responsibility otherwise we are erroneous and guilty as the hyper-Calvinists that put little or no effort into evangelising the world because God is the author of salvation, so why bother.

The problem is we are content to live with our lukewarm spirituality, otherwise we would implore God to change our hearts until they are transformed, ablaze for Him.

Every authentic spiritual revival had untold eternal impact upon society. Amazingly most revivals and awakenings have taken place subsequent to society steeped in immorality and the church wavering from her first love. God acts and He is glorified and the Church can take no credit, but that never calls the members of the Church to live passively but rather to strive with all our might with His power that works mightily within us. There’s the balance.

We live in a time again where we desperately need another reformation – a return to the living and infallible Word of God being pivotal to our churches, where sound teachers and pastors are raised once again; sound Biblical doctrine made central to all church activity; sound Biblical doctrine that many of today’s professing Christians have no time of day for. Our Reformers of the fifteenth  and sixteenth century fought for our spiritual freedoms. From a pure and undiluted proclamation of God’s Word in all its entirety came life-altering and nation-altering awakenings across the world. Churches taught aright will worship aright, fellowship aright, grow aright and evangelise aright.

Rome, under the Caesar’s,  was that unbeatable barbaric world-empire but the Church walking in power soon tamed and conquered her. The church of Rome, monopolising hearts world-wide soon had to give way to the unbeatable and immeasurable power of the one and true Gospel of Jesus Christ – the power that can change hearts, bend the knees of nations and civilizations in worship and to where every tongue of hell’s legions confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

I would not confine the world being turned upside down to the era of the early Church or of past great awakenings; God has NOT finished writing Church history.

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