♣Free Under Christ’s Yoke

“For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realising that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see” – Revelation 3:17-18.

GOLD IS NOW supposedly – and once again – the ‘securest’ commodity in the world while a plethora of banks around the globe collapse under the race to a long-time planned global digital currency where we are promised ‘greater’ financial ‘security’, but the truth of the matter is that it is all entailed for greater scrutiny – or for a better word surveillance unto greater enslavement. Nothing planned exists for society’s good, only greater control by world-monopolising corporations. No one’s paper money is secure and never has been for that matter. The majority of us – while a few know different – have lived under the illusion of security, under the deception of government that serves only one purpose: to implement and maintain an executive order of the central banking system.

Our world operates under the appearance of advancing to a securer lifestyle but, inevitably, we all live under limitations implemented by those who have long-passed in their war to the top and with such sustained positions for hundreds of years.

Most Christians nowadays are oblivious to the real situation of what pervades our nation-wide and international affairs and it should come as no surprise that many atheists are more awake than many who profess faith in Christ. A very hard truth to swallow whether there are many who attempt to deny it; time will soon reveal how so many have been asleep. The last three years of a so-called ‘pandemic’ has most certainly and indisputably proven that. There has not been just a lack of discernment but the complete absence of it in how many churches have ignorantly and apathetically responded to current affairs. Few churches have challenged unconstitutional laws.

While it is Biblically correct to state that the Church’s first mandate is to make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, that does not negate the fact of our responsibility in discerning truth behind and beyond what our controlled and bribed-media corporations broadcast loud and clear, and which so many are gullible to naively and quickly believe. Neither does it exempt us, who profess saving faith in Christ, from exposing and calling to account those who assume they are beyond the confines of common law.

Needless to state or pursue in detail as to the real cause behind major and world wars (that incorporates the enslavement of resisting nations when all is stripped down to bare hardcore truths), except for the fact that only the few global elites gain exponentially from them.

That being briefly stated, the main point is to draw our attention to what real slavery and oppression is in comparison to genuine freedom.

To turn a blind eye to the savage cruelty of slavery as we know it would be an injustice, but with that being acknowledged, the highest form of slavery or tyranny any one of us could ever encounter is that of sin, and as Dr D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said that it is the next greatest power to God. It would be worth some time to ponder over the truth of this for some few moments. 

Our most precarious and acute dangerous moments in our existence is when we perpetually lived as slaves to sin, but furthermore as enemies of God deserving nothing but His wrath. For this reason Christ entered our world, was born into our world for the very purpose of setting us free from the mastery of sin and reconciling us to God. Without Christ’s death and resurrection solely on our behalf there would never amount any hope at all for humanity, no matter how much effort is exerted in moral or social reform. Sin will ever be humanity’s greatest tyrant; no oppression will ever exceed it.

As new creations in Christ by the Spirit of God, we are no longer under the reign of sin (Romans 6), but we still live in this world with all the upheaval, the manifestation and effects of sin; oppression, slavery, tyranny – suffering. That entails at times encountering the repercussion of other’s sin – the wicked at times prosper while the righteous suffer injustice. The Psalms are full of such accounts. Take Psalm 37 and 73 for instance that speak so pertinently in our present day and age. For some of us who know of  those really in control of this world – and have been for decades or even centuries (via their family lineage), one can be greatly puzzled as to why and how such evil is allowed to carry on and why so many people beyond number suffer as a result of their insatiable greed.

It is shocking to realise what really is transpiring behind the scenes of our pretentious world – the false security that so many are blind to. There are no words to describe the moment when one wakes up to the deception after personally realising for thirty, forty, fifty or so years later that we have lived under a lie. Rather than live in a bubble of fake peace and security it is worth living with the truth no matter how grieving or how much anguish that may cause. One of the greatest aspects we can possess is our ability to reason soundly, but if we chose to live in a fantasy world, we are the biggest betrayers of our God-given senses.

“…then I discerned their end”, stated Asaph the author of Psalm 73. It wasn’t until the Psalmist came to his true spiritual senses in the light of God that he foresaw the downfall of the wicked. Up until that moment, Asaph was reasoning like an unbeliever without God in the equation, and it is so easy for any one of us to fall into the same despondent trap. It seems as if there is no God at times amidst all that is taking place today – our world possibly on the imminent edge of World War III as we know and read the accounts of war. In actuality, the seeds of our third World War were planted on 9/11; the last three years have been the bad fruit of them and it is ever-escalating.

The last one hundred and ten years has been one of the greatest masquerading epochs of deception when it comes to misleading the public worldwide. 1913 will mark the start of it, and for those who have done their homework will know exactly what is being referred to here.

Who is not to say that this era in which we live is a moment where everything hidden from the general public is now being exposed? Look at what has already been revealed thus far after the last three unprecedented (since the  Second World War) strenuous years! Who is not to say that this is an era in which justice will yet rule again?

As my wife recently mentioned, where is the praying Church in all of this? Where is she? And can we pray aright if we don’t know what we’re up against? As the apostle Paul stated that, “we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices or strategy” Are we outwitted by our enemy? Are we aware of the current situation in order to pray strategically in the power of the Spirit?

The last Great Awakening that took place mainly between the years of 1741-42 was a sole move of God that shook nations and had them stand on their feet like no other time before. The church at large was at an extreme low ebb and society held no hope in its continual moral decline. Are we in such a time again? It would seem so, and there has been no other time since the Reformation five hundred and five years later where we are in dire need of spiritual reformation and a return to the purity of God’s Word in doctrine and in living. This is our one hope. It has always been the Church put back on her feet first before society has positively changed.

Who will bring justice to the elites who audaciously inflict evil on countless millions of lives lost, maimed, brought to financial poverty and how long shall they continue warring against nations and its citizens? Are they beyond the grace of God? If we deem them as so, then we have not understood the first lessons in God’s unmerited grace. The apostle Paul is one of the greatest examples.

God remains in control and sovereign over all. How that truth manifests itself is sometimes an unfathomable mystery; we cannot comprehend it at times. Times change, nations rise and fall, rulers come and go – but God remains the same without the slightest shadow of changing Who is He is. Still in perfect control of history, the present and the future, God’s purposes unfold and will not fail in the slightest. How do we reconcile that with all the injustices and prolonged evil in our world?

How on earth can God be in control despite such prevailing evil around us? How is God still sovereign over these elites that have no consideration for human life but count us as mere cattle for their sheer financial profits? How in God’s name is He still in control when our eyes and ears convey otherwise?

Let’s consider the time when God rescued Israel from the tyranny of the Egyptians. Have we forgotten that Israel was under the rule of Egypt for four hundred and thirty years? That is a fair stretch of time. That would be the same as going back to the year 1593 and God making a promise then to His people that after so many centuries they  would be delivered from a tyrannical rule. Years or decades is long enough – too long for our liking, but centuries?! Insanity. Imagine the reality of each successive generation of people, being born only to die, during their time in Egypt and still no deliverance. Just think how civilization has changed radically over the last four centuries. That’s a lot of history.

So, what about Pharaoh? Needless to mention he was a harsh ruler, to put it mildly, but the groans and cries of Israel continually went up to God who was far from being oblivious to their pain. God saw, observed and at the right time He acted and fulfilled His promise exactly as He said would. Now, this is interesting. Notice in verse 16 of Exodus in chapter 9, “But for this purpose I have raised you up, to show you My power, so that My name may be proclaimed in all the earth” which is strongly echoed in Romans 9. In effect, God was declaring outright judgment on Pharaoh. Not a good place to be in, certainly not for Pharaoh. God raised up Pharaoh. Say that again! God was the One responsible in raising Pharaoh to the position as Egypt’s ruler. It does not make sense to our inadequate ways of reasoning, especially when it entailed suffering on the part of Israel. That seems so unfair. Of course it does. Our reasoning is confined to certain limits when we come to consider God in His ways that leave us speechless at times. Can you fathom the twenty-third dimension? Our physical world around us is the third dimension, time being the fourth, micro-dimension being the fifth, and on they continue. Two of my close friends, who are very scientifically minded with university credentials to back it, pondered as far up to the twelfth dimension and going no further when sustaining a headache! The average mind can barely grasp the fourth dimension’s function; how can we fathom God’s ways Who actually created these dimensions? Our intellect reaches an end, its limit and we’re taking wild guesses after that, entering a phenomena infinitely too big for us.

God raised up Pharaoh for the very purpose of displaying His power and making known His name throughout the earth. Couldn’t have God done it a different way? I mean to some people, God would appear to come across  egotistical at the expense of ‘innocent’ people’s suffering. Well, to our limited understanding it would, but God is perfectly without sin and we are embarking upon a realm so sacred where we are but mere dust in the brilliance of God’s immeasurable glory. How can we fathom God was before time and even after when time ceases to exist? Understand that perfectly and we might come near enough only to begin understanding His ways.

That God would show his power and make known His name was the reason God elevated pharaoh to his ruling position. And what ways God showed His power to the then most powerful nation Egypt! A nation and ruler brought to their knees. God will not be mocked and it is a wonder as to how our planet still revolves around the sun year after year despite what He sees in our world!

God remains ultimately in control over every current global affair, is perfectly aware of what plans are being devised far behind closed doors, away from any public knowledge or beyond leakage by competent internet hackers to rightly and justly inform us. So, why doesn’t God intervene when He could prevent this onslaught of coming tyranny that threatens to override human rights? Why do such elites audaciously and arrogantly continue to live and build their empires at the expense of the lives of millions of people? It would seem that God is inactive or even careless, but that is where our understanding sorely fails us. Should the question be asked: is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses alive today? God moved in ways that was clearly impossible for man/woman to perform in liberating themselves; beyond any human hope God made known His name and power, and it would seem so today – despite the many who are protesting to little effect – with the inevitability of the coming tide of an enslaving global digital currency where every asset of ours is at the mercy of their hands, and that there seems to be no stopping what the elites have set in motion. All signs strongly point to the futility of humanity’s attempt in liberating itself unless God manifestly intervenes where all human hope has been crushed.

We are living among nations that have forsaken God, forgotten God – don’t even know Who God is – and consequently encountering the repercussions of what it is for unrighteousness to dethrone the greatness of our western civilisations. The churches were warned decades ago. We only have to remind ourselves of the words spoken by A.W.Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill and Francis Schaeffer.

What similarities of our current day in light of Habakkuk where God raised up the Chaldeans to discipline Israel! God’s judgment. God’s doing. Is this, therefore, the hand of God in judging our nations today? I am certain that God is allowing it and to what extent it shall continue, I have no answer. One aspect for certain is that God is orchestrating current events to bring His bride to where she ought to be, both spiritually (in returning) and living demonstratively in power before a dying world. The Church is once again to regain her authoritative voice as a light in this degenerate and depraved world. When she is empowered with boldness we shall see a reform among society and the authorities rightly instituted by God.

The next theme to bear in mind is what happens if God allows what some of us are already aware of actually takes place? Specifically, where do we stand who are truly regenerate by the Spirit of God? What about the impending threat that will entail the overthrowing of our human rights? Needless to state that only those who are grounded firmly in Christ will withstand whatever is to come our way.

So, if our freedoms are taken away and we are inevitably caught up in a system that sorely limits our travel locally and internationally, takes control of our assets, what we buy, what we sell, what we eat, drink, what we wear, when we sleep, when we wake, or who we are allowed to meet with – how will we live, or to put it more clearly, in what frame of mind shall we live? In having such freedoms stripped away will there be any reason for living? Will the physical limitations determine our true freedom?

Consider again the apostle Paul. In Acts 26, Paul, being in custody of the authorities, made his defence before King Agrippa. Physically, Paul was no free man but confined and yet in verse 29 he stated, “…I would to God that not only you but also all who hear me this day might become such as I am – except for these chains.” Let us not forget before whom Paul stood – very prominent men, the richest, the most free of men and yet Paul was in essence the most free, the most rich, and the most secure of all of them put together. Paul knew exactly what it was to be truly free despite physical limitations; it did not stop him from living out God’s calling upon his life. In the midst of all opposition and all powers under God, Paul lived the “more than conqueror’s” life – he not only penned it!

Whatever befalls us, God has already determined it to richly bless us beyond our imagination. The real limitations are our comfort zones and lax existence where we become spiritually lazy and forfeit true living. Are we the best that we can be in our existing freedoms? Have we been using the times and our existing physical liberties wisely? Would it not be God’s mercy and deliverance that through adversity of being disillusioned from a life of mere existence to being elevated to living victoriously and powerfully as He intends us to?

“Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy, and shall break
In blessings on your head.”
– William Cowper

Sin is the greatest tyranny, not a governmental rule that would suppress or override human rights and liberties.

Central private banks owned by the ones who assume they are in control of our world – are the most enslaved. They are the ones truly fearing for their lives, watching over their shoulders, having their personal military surrounding them to ‘ensure’ their security and safety. How dull and void of intelligence that even our president’s could not evade assassination; what makes such existing elites presume they are free from such happening to them? Rich beyond measure – with an insatiable lust to have more – they instigate war to increase and secure their wealth, wealth that will inevitably slip through their fingers. Rich and having need of nothing; clothed in the finest apparel; having eyes on the entire globe thinking they can see everything while utterly failing to perceive that they are blind, poor, naked, wretched – and of all people the most enslaved. The pitiful irony of it! They live in habitual unrest of soul and ever pursuing a self-destructive path where they will lose their soul eternally in undying agony.

Judgement Day – where all shall stand before Christ in ALL of His glory and power – will reveal that even these elites who rule above others will come to know they lived and breathed for the very purposes of God – a present mystery to us, yet an astonishing (to us) and agonising reality (to them) to be revealed. Pharaoh was raised that God be glorified – yes, even his oppressive rule was under God’s suzerainty, masterfully and perfectly woven into His plans and purposes, and likewise with today’s elites.

As evil accelerates in its abhorrent manifestations, God’s glory will be made manifest in our day and such that we have not witnessed in our lifetime or any for many centuries. We may come under a yoke of tyranny while in this world, but it will be superseded by Christ’s yoke, Whose burden is gentle, easy, pleasant, fulfilling – where we encounter true rest of soul. Our true freedom is found and maintained by seeking first the kingdom of God – His interests, not consumed with matters a fallen humanity prioritise. It is a life grounded and established in Christ’s righteousness, clothed in it, saved by it, walking in it, breathing in it – no matter what our outward circumstances may be, no matter what horrors may seem to threaten us. This is the gold we obtain from Christ. “Be not alarmed…be not afraid…do not fear” is the resounding balm of Christ. Only a warped perspective of an un-renewed mind that leaves us untransformed will speculate and focus on shadows of fear that consume, rob and paralyse.

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