Monthly Archives: March 2010

♣ Do We Really Love Him Enough?

“The more a true saint loves God with a truly gracious love, the more he desires to love Him, and the more miserable he is at his lack of love to Him.” – Jonathan Edwards

This statement by Edwards is really what it ALL boils down to – the very basis of our Christian profession. Do we know this agony: longing to love Him more? We can follow great leaders and uphold their teaching; we can be as reformed in our heads as the sky is high and blue – but it must lead to the real. We can show great interest in various doctrines and still miss the point, our love and worship of Him! We can be a ‘Nostradamus’ in our attempt to solving end time prophecies and yet without an intense burning love and devotion to Him, we are just a ‘Nostradamus’… spiritually LOST! We can show impressive interest in the things of Christianity – even be a ‘successful’ leader in the church – yet still be on our way to eternal separation from God!

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