♣ That Day Is Coming…

Judgment Seat of Christ by Leonard Ravenhill is a stirring video and well worth the 7 minutes of your time. Just want to share a few thoughts beforehand:

“Eternity stamped on our eyes.” That day is coming. We focus too much upon the world, feeling sorry for it and think this applies just for the lost – it’s more for us who call ourselves Christians! O’ I’m TIRED of so many Christians saying, “Don’t be judgmental, we must be loving, nice and kind…” Yes we must be loving, but I think we need to take a LONG look again at what real love is – not the sentimental, ‘wishy washy’ kind.

What are we going to do when we stand before the Great White Throne knowing that we will not get the opportunity to put right what we NOW have the chance to? It’ll be too late then! We don’t want to hear this sort of stuff today; it bursts our bubble, spoils the sunshine and the happy clappy mood that is NOT based on reality.

Christians, I know in my heart that the church is sucked into the world with all it’s ease, comfort and materialism. It’s so subtle that most of us don’t even realize it. It’s put our fire out. The love of the world chokes the life of God in us. I know it because I’ve seen it in my own life! We’re so comfortable that we have lost, maybe never known what real prayer is… we lack knowledge of God. We read about these godly men who were used mightily of God and we think what a wonderful book! These were ordinary men who lived in the light of eternity.

I’ll ask you a question, as it hounds me: In our waking moments, in our day to day routine, in our retiring at the end of each day – what motivates us? Do we live each day with the knowledge that we have to give God an answer for HOW we have lived it? Tozer said “not many Christians will be able to look God in the eye on the day of judgment because of shame.” Is this myth? Do we Christians think that because we stand in grace that we can do all we want, live as we want and not give a reason, an answer, to the King of kings? Do we really think we are exempt because “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” that so many role off their tongue without the slightest knowledge of what that verse really implies?

The world has come into the Church (has been for decades) and has dictated what the preacher is to teach and that’s what has blinded us. Mediocrity, lukewarmness and apathy is what spells the Church today. We have been anesthetized! If this sounds disagreeable then I’m sure such folk who believe that a Jesus, ‘gentle, meek and mild’ will NEVER spew out the kind of Church from His mouth! Go ahead and tear that page out from the book of Revelation and while you’re at it rip out other pages from the Bible because that’s exactly what the Church has been doing for goodness knows how long!


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