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♦ A Warrior’s Gaze

Unfound for words, too dry for tears
Lest pity born of self sways I fear,
And the battle raids over might
To wrestle against the shadows of night.

Lo, baffled the Spirit aids to fight better
Who assures of promise bright for the latter;
Repositions my scope, restoring high hope
Far above than just the means to cope.

I see Him who endured the shameful bitter cup,
One Whose life our cross and Divine frown took –
Now in majesty robed restored, worthy He wears the crown
With jewels of lost souls freed and claimed for His own.

Made an heir to reign with Christ,
No fight is ever vain amidst the strife;
His might enables me to hold tight
With the victory He’s won so clear in sight.

My Victor transpires me more than a conqueror
Over vicious foes aspiring to prosper.
The serpent’s hour winds close to expire
As the Servant King brings an end to his empire.

Far spent is the night for dawn is almost here;
Our redemption’s well nigh – the Morning Star draws near.
All creation’s groaning ’til the Son of Man appears
Eye of every nation will see the God of glory clear.

Tongue of every tribe confessing ‘Alpha and Omega’
Knee of every kind bowed to adore His rule and order.
All souls, foes with the Arch Accuser opposing their Maker
Shall meet the fire of His wrath tasting forever.

Now all saints reign with the Lamb in glory,
Whose eternal anthem resounds His story
Join angelic hosts ablaze with the mystery,
Eyes unveiled gaze on the thrice Holy Trinity

– M.A. Williams

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