♣ Now That ‘Justice’ Has Been Served…

Ten years have almost passed since 9/11 and the world certainly has not become a safer place. A decade has passed and the world’s most wanted man has been hunted down, silenced – so we are ‘told’. Whether or not he has, we have only dealt with the past – ‘shadows’ – and still have the ever more enigmatic, threatening present and future to deal with.

Certainly justice has to be carried out, the law effectively in place to ensure the safety and welfare of all people. Without such we can only expect tyranny, anarchy and chaos.

So, justice has been ‘served’ on the world’s most wanted savage that caused the heartbreak and ruin of countless lives, but where does justice draw the line?

What is of great concern is the warped perspective of justice in the western world, particularly in the ‘Christianized’ culture that has veered far away from biblical standards. Justice can be carried out both ways, in a selfish or godly way.

When the Second World War was mercifully brought to an end, celebration was heard everywhere – not so much that the tyrants were brought to an end, but more so that society was free from fear to build, progress and prosper in peace for the good of everyone. Justice certainly prevailed upon Hitler but maybe not in the way that some would have preferred.

I wonder what our motives are now since yesterday, especially we who call ourselves Christians. I’m sure many of us have shown our true colours, apart from flying the United States flag!

Many of us in our so called Christianized western cultures have wondered far from God’s ways. Are we like the world with our sense of justice? Let us be honest, because we know how to answer with our heads and our mouths and sound so pious – we are experts at that! We can make confession but that doesn’t mean a thing when our hearts say otherwise. Christians, let us answer this honestly: Are we like the world with our sense of justice? The Hitlers, Husseins, Bin Ladens…– did we honestly think they were far removed from any possibility and hope of God’s salvation? If so, bravo! – We just graduated from the school of Pharisees! If this is our mentality we know nothing of God’s mercy in our own lives and we think exactly as an unregenerate person would. 

What the Apostle Paul was and what he became is an instant rebuke to any form of carnal celebration and patriotism. Patriotism is a danger when Christianized; it has a form of godliness, but like morality gives off the appearance of being good without being right at heart. Paul was a murderer who terrorized the Christian Church with a misdirected zeal, set out to wipe out any trace of ‘The Way’. Who would have thought that Paul would become the mightiest apostle of all? We certainly wouldn’t have, just like we would never have accepted Peter back into the fold (let alone him continuing in office!), would never have chosen David to be king over Israel, Gideon to be counted as a mighty man of valour, or Moses chosen to be the lawgiver. Our ways and thoughts are certainly not God’s ways; we are far from being acquainted with them.

David wept when informed of King’s Saul’s death, his cruelest enemy. Of course David looked upon Saul as anointed, but clearly knew that God had also departed from him. Think of our attitude – we rejoice and throw parties, and all in the name of God?! We ought to be ashamed of ourselves. America carried out ‘justice’ in its own strength – God left the camp long ago, and we still do not realize it, while our churches brag and boast of a ‘presence’ in our midst. It is not the Shekinah but a manifestation of self will, self independence, self effort and self love.

It is shallow to rejoice at hitting the small enemy in comparison to the world of terrorism that pervades our society at a more frightening level. Justice is NOT about getting our feelings of vengeance satisfied – that is the devilish side. Justice is to be carried out that righteousness may prevail in the place of injustice.

The answer to this world’s chaos, which runs through every one of our hearts, is the redemption of Christ – the ONLY hope to change anyone of us, for at the foot of the cross we all come to realize this: we are ALL in desperate need of the mercy of God.


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