♣ I AM YOUR GOD: Knowing Beyond Mere Belief

There is no greater treasure than knowing you belong to God, no greater thrill to the human soul than to hear God whisper, “I am your God…you are My child.”

No greater comfort is to be found than having Isaiah 43:1 & 3 personalized and inscribed on your heart: “I am the Lord your God…I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are Mine.” It is the very witness of the Holy Spirit signifying with our spirit that we are children of God. What can ever tower the reality of this profound truth once burned within our innermost being? Can anything else in this world achieve such a rapturous joy to know that we are precious and loved in God’s sight – that we have been ransomed from a life of tyranny to be called His very own? It secures our past, our present and our future. Our past has been reasoned with God when we were born anew in Christ – who can condemn? Our present is continually under His watchful care – how can we despair under His providence? Our future is secured and eternally set through Him – who can remove our names from the palms of His hands, Whose work is never left half done?

Let all the riches and success of this present world attempt to satisfy – none will compare with our unending riches in Christ. We can affirmatively say with Paul: “I count them all as rubbish because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” and even our knowledge of Christ, so far, is limited; eternity multiplied by infinite eternities will never exhaust an unending revelation of God Himself – “This is life eternal, that they may know You the only true God and Jesus Christ Whom You have sent.” Shakespeare and the world’s greatest poets would pitifully fail in an attempt to describe the glories of another dimension. Paul the apostle, the greatest mind of all, was humble enough to admit that such visions are unlawful to utter. What a treasure to know that the Creator of all spheres knows us and owns us – each one of us – whom upon He set His eyes with undeserved love. We never made Him to look at us with love; it still stands as a mystery why we, who deserve nothing but the judgment and wrath of God, were chosen to be His treasure to lavish His love upon.

Not every one of us can say “He is my God”. Those only in the Lord Jesus Christ dare only utter it. For those of us who actively profess faith in and through Jesus Christ, do we have this assurance of knowing, beyond mere belief, that God has indeed confirmed to us personally that He is our God? We miss out on so much joy without this witness. This is why the early through to the 21st century Christian martyrs could face horrific suffering and death because they knew Who they belonged to, they knew where they were going, they knew Whose hands their eternity was safe in. No human being could face such brutality had it been mere psychology and feel-lucky-believism.

George Whitefield (England’s greatest evangelist) on first meeting Howell Harris (pioneer of the 18th Century Evangelical Revival in Wales) asked him, “Do you know that your sins are forgiven?” Believing and assuming is one thing, but to know beyond a blazing doubt is something else. How can we know God unless we know our sins are forgiven? How can we say, “You are my God” – more so, how can we say, “You are my Father” unless the Spirit burns that knowledge within us? Assumption will lead many to hear the Lord Jesus Christ say, “I never knew you.”

We can know now and not wait to find out. Scripture exhorts us to know whether or not we’re in the faith, and none of us who profess faith in Christ should rest until we can claim, “He is mine and I am His.” We miss out on so much without this witness of the Holy Spirit impressing upon our spirit that we belong to the One and only eternal God.


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