♣ Do You Really Love Me?

John 21:15-22

It is of no effort to love God in times of blessing, but do we love Him in periods of distress, when circumstances seem to deny His favour? “God is good all the time” (now an irritating cliché) we often hear, but can that be said when we are at wits end due to perplexing and prolonged trials, the unforeseen setbacks and the unexpected tragedies? Some who have been shaped for Gods use by life’s blows can affirm this with sincerity and conviction.

Our era of Christianity is riddled with a fascination for Jesus Christ rather than being filled with adoration leading to obedience. It is a self-orientated love – or infatuation for that matter – conditional upon God perceived in keeping His side of the bargain in continually ‘spoiling’ us.

Those that have been marked as true disciples will learn to love God – not for selfish gain – but in pure devotion to Him because He is eternally worthy.  That disciple will come to love God through ‘thick and thin’ – “The Lord has given, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord’ (Job 1:21).

Circumstances will at times make God appear to be an unkind, unloving and cruel father, but the heart fettered in loyalty to Him through Jesus Christ will perceive, though unseen, that He works all things together for the incomparable best according to His perfect will and wisdom.

The ones in pursuit of God – and for Himself alone – do not demand blessings, but on the contrary stand eternally amazed that God should ever choose such undeserving vessels to be a part of and secured in His never-failing plan and glorious purposes.


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