• Hidden Deceit

The highest form of corruption is when it comes in a guise of righteousness.

– M.A. Williams



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  1. I think there is balance in all things. There is never any excuse for sin. Yet, there is the reality that apart from the grace of God in His Sovereign power and God bringing us to the place of entire sanctification in translation like Enoch who translated — we’re going to sin daily. We battle the flesh, but we are going to sin. We can strive all we desire to strive — we can pray and read the bible and do Christian disciplines — but we will still sin until God grants us power of entire sanctification in rapture.

    Seriously, I go to work and spend my time out of work reading the bible, praying, and contemplating God’s Word. I don’t watch tv. I spend time with family — do very little other than work and spend time with family and spend my time in the Word and prayer, etc. in Christian disciplines. Been doing that for 40 years. I still sin daily. That’s life and reality. The day is coming when God graces us by His own power to translate as Enoch in transfiguration in entire sanctification. But, until that day, unfortunately — no matter how much I practice my Christian disciplines and seek the Lord — I’m gonna sin daily. I’m not antinomian – and I sin every day.

    The flesh is most assuredly “antinomian” and we all have flesh.

    I do not believe that only 5% of Americans are Christians. I think we can go too far in expecting that Christians would be walking in faith and victory and sanctification in truth throwing out the baby with the bathwater. That is not to say we should not strive for purity of doctrine and holiness. It’s just not going to happen apart from ministry to those saints of the Word in sound doctrine.

    All we can do is seek the Kingdom ourselves, seek the Lord’s face ourselves, work out our own salvation — and edify those saints who are less mature out of our own growth we have gained — receiving ministry also from saints who are more edified and mature in areas where we are weak.

    We must walk as one body receiving one another in the Lord when the profession of faith is “Jesus is Lord” declaring Jesus God and the Son of God who died for our sins.

    In the flesh, we are all sinners — we are all hypocrites. And we all have flesh. And it’s antinomian flesh.

    We have to maintain that balance of working out our own salvation before evaluating the rest of the body — and seeing them in balance. Always a challenge.

    God bless.

  2. We all have flesh. So, what I hear the Spirit speaking through multiple posts by different authors today — is — beware forgetting your own submission to Jesus Christ and God the Father through Him by the Spirit. We have no righteousness apart from Christ — nor any authority either. All is in Christ – the HEAD. We can’t be headless horsemen — or we will be hypocrites. God bless.

    • Imparted as well as the imputed righteousness of Christ; of course we have nothing apart from Him, but we are either regenerate or not; the hypocrites ‘play’ the regenerate.

      • Hypocrisy is sin. We sin as Christians. Sinners who pretend to be Christians, the unregenerate pretending to be regenerate, are hypocrites agreed. Yet, when our flesh rises up as the sinful nature to pretend to be the new nature in Christ, we sin as hypocrites according to the flesh.

        Born-again Christians are fully capable according to the flesh of acting as hypocrites according to the sinful nature.

        Here is an example. American Christians saying this is a Christian nation – therefore, all that the USA does is “right”. There is no measure against the Word of God to see if we are doing that which is right. Rather, the statement “We are a Christian nation therefore all we do is Christian” is used. In the meantime, the USA is doing evil. The title “Christian” becomes license for sin and a shield protecting from evaluation by the Word of God as the standard. Think “neocon”; for example… I would say.

    • First thing for sure that America is not a theocratic nation – no nation has been since Christ came into the world as Saviour. Secondly, that five percent (on average – maybe even less than that) are truly born again in America. My experience (since coming here from the UK) is that SO many churches here in America are so apostate and so false it is sickening. It is nothing more than a form of godliness. Thirdly, God’s judgment has been taking place in America for some years. We were warned by many godly leaders – A.W. Tozer and Leonard Ravenhill, for example. That judgment is being given over to a debased mind.

      True that we are guilty of hypocrisy at times as Christians, but we are exhorted to not let sin reign in our mortal bodies; we have the power to not sin as Paul stated in Romans 6. We are either a slave to sin or to Christ. There is no way other way about it, no middle ground to justify our hypocrisy our even our false profession of the faith. We make excuses for our sin. I believe the modern church is riddled again with antinomianism – the very problem Paul was addressing in the 6th chapter of Romans.

      Of course we sin as Christians, and sin will always assault us until the day we go to glory, but it is a travesty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to say we are unable to resist sin (when we have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to resist it) and using that as a ‘cover-up’ to continue in our ‘weaknesses’. John’s 1st epistle is a sober exhortation and warning on that subject that we are prone to forgetting these days.

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