• True Revival…or a ‘Golden Calf’?

WHY WOULD GOD send revival if we don’t want Him? We say we desire God, but I wonder whether it’s a wanting on our terms; the desiring on our terms and conditions is not yearning for the God of the Old and New Testament, but a ‘golden calf’ raised by our own imaginations. That we have not known revival in our generation says a great deal in and of itself.

– M.A. Williams


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  1. The Master's Slave

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    I am guilty of this. I tend to squeeze God into my terms, instead of submitting to His. Yeesh, when will I ever learn?

    • Today’s popular view of revival is so alien to New Testament Christianity. One vital aspect missing in most ‘revivals’ today is the majesty of God that would level us to the ground with sheer brokenness, and of how little we really are in His presence (Isaiah 6). How many of us are willing to meet that cost? Revival is not comfortable, neat and tidy as many are inclined to think.

      It can take a lot of time for God to show us that it’s always on His terms. How often we forget it, and I am thankful that in our discipleship, God will continually teach us this lesson until we have grasped it, and we will not move on until we do – but if we’re His, we’ll get there, sometimes with hard knocks and blows.

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