• Inverted Politics

TODAY’S PERVERSE POLITICS is a reverse politics; a politician’s ‘insurance policy’ for self-preservation, not the protection of a nation’s welfare.

– M.A. Williams


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    • John Nelson Darby has some very valid points, but to imply that it is wrong – as Christians – to vote in the political realm stretches things a ‘little’ too far. The tendency now (especially in America) among many Christians is to be so politically obsessed to the neglecting of the Great Commission of the Church; many pastors preach politics from the pulpit, a social gospel – but not THE Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is one of the great travesties of the modern church. Christians are lights in this dark world, and the Christian’s lifestyle inevitably influences (indirectly) to some degree the realm of earthly government – and that may involve voting righteously in regards to God’s glory.

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