♣ Uninhibited or Sophisticated?

1 John 1:5-10

A young boy celebrated his birthday with the joy of receiving his first kaleidoscope, only for it to be intentionally trampled on in a fit of rage, jealousy and tears by a close female relative of similar age. To say that everyone was surprised by such an outburst is an understatement.

Despite episodes of such a nature, children are amazing to behold and observe and even though everyone is born into sin, there is an innocence and uninhibited demeanour about them in comparison to adults. Children are childish and there is a great degree of honesty about them even though they are prone to lie at times; they just haven’t yet learned the ‘art’ of deception as most adults are accustomed to!

Is it true that adults mature? We certainly develop self-control and a natural flare of sophistication in covering up our wrongs – which really is deception – when we grow more at home with our sinful nature. We are habituated to bragging how ‘honesty is the best policy’, but our desperate and subtle attempts to masquerade the real intentions of our hearts catch us ‘red-handed’.

We may be shocked by children’s behaviour at times, but what you see is what you get; they are real to what lies within; it is our pride that ‘covers’ what we are embarrassed of that is our greatest inhibitor in coming to God to be covered with His righteousness.

We can be as children – uninhibited, uncomplicated and real – if we walk in the light of God and that light is what enables us to be sincere and genuine with one another. It is there in the depths of facing our sins, in the light of God’s Truth, that we are cleansed by the blood of Jesus and it is there that Truth gives evidence of reigning within us – not deception, that we indeed prove to be mature.


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