♣ The Death of a Constitution; Now What?

“O Lord, I have heard the report of You, and Your work, O Lord, do I fear. In the midst of the years revive it; in the midst of the years make it known; in wrath remember mercy.” – Habakkuk 3:2

EARLY THIS MORNING, a particular song by Ray Charles ‘Oh What A Beautiful Morning’ caught my attention. Although a great song, ironically, it is insultingly incompatible to 2012 post-election blues and gloom for a large majority.

Millions upon millions of mixed thoughts currently captivate the citizens of the United States of America. Many are elated, some reserved, while others are angry or fearful. No doubt voter fraud is a current major pressing concern along with a failing justice system that knows what’s wrong but has no moral stamina to act upon the convictions of good people.

“Just give me another four years to finish the job” was Obama’s desperate appeal and for many, we know what that exactly entails. How can such a man who caused more divisions, more debt and more deaths be allowed to lead and bleed this nation again?

This election year was equally, if not more, imperative than the year of 1776 – the birth of the American Declaration of Independence. 2012 marks the year in confirming the death of that Constitution.

Who was voted into office goes beyond politics; it is either the making or breaking of what America is going to become. High crime and treason of the re-elected administration was exposed in the previous term, yet no governmental authority had the courage to fight it; whether at the loss of their reputation, the loss of their employment, even the loss of their life – to ensure righteous justice was executed for the welfare of the citizens.

How Islam, Socialism and Communism will shape this nation is a contradiction in terms to the American values upheld for over the past two centuries. One thing for certain, without a shadow of doubt, America’s current leader continues to show a strong allegiance to the world of Islam, but is all this a facade in order to gain power for his own anti-religious agenda?

We can continue to speculate and debate until the next election, but a more serious condition lies behind what we see.

Just like a cancer oftentimes develops and grows unbeknownst until the symptoms alert, so it is with the spiritual and moral climate in America. God has been merciful to the people of this land in raising up men of prophet-like natures who repeatedly warned us to repent, or perish.

The last sixty years have been like the days of Noah. Instead of turning to God’s wisdom, America has turned unto its own and flexed the muscle of independence with the audacity to even call it Christian! Beyond the breakdown of a moral climate, has been the spiritual that once gave this nation backbone. You can have morals without spirituality – but only for a short duration, just as when you turn off an oven; its heat can be felt for some time before it conforms to the surrounding temperature.

Without question, the Church has slowly but surely conformed to its surrounding moral climate and pattern of this world. Not only has she fallen prey, but deliberately pursued the ways of the age; it is one thing to be caught unawares but another to be consciously aware of forewarned danger and yet still pursue a road that only leads to great harm.

While being mindful of the huge possibility of voter fraud, the moral stupour of the majority of Americans that failed to vote wisely is part of the manifest judgement of God; just like God gave to the Israelites what they constantly whined for – unto their own destruction – so America now has what it has long desired. The vote that gained the upper hand is not for love of country or righteousness of a nation, but rather was born and bred of selfish motive and ambition. It is all about instant gratification with no regard whatsoever for all of the people or for the welfare of America’s future.

We can be certain that as today’s liberalism – which in essence is pure lawlessness – is given way, the Church will come under the heavy hand of its tyranny, prohibiting any form of Christian fundamentalism that exposes sin, preaches repentance and the spiritual rebirth of being born into God’s kingdom. It will become mandatory law for the Church to tolerate what it calls sin, or cease to be. The anti-Christ law will exercise its power in penalising those who declare that Jesus Christ, the Son of God (in His birth, death and resurrection – for the redemption of mankind) is the only way unto God the Father, Who is to be worshipped above all other gods as the One and true God.

The greatest tyranny is life outside of Christ, not a New World Order the majority foresee and fear.

Many churches will compromise and disclose their true colours to conform or even quit; others will be forced to pay heavy fines, or cease from practicing. Some, no doubt, will face imprisonment. Just like with the believers of the early Church that were scattered as a result of persecution, so today’s invisible Church (true believers) will be found here and there in America, small in number but a remnant of God that will grow and flourish through adversity and cruel opposition.

I believe God, in His wrath, will be merciful. It will be a time of discipline and chastisement throughout the Church; it will be a time of brokenness and repentance for the backsliders, a resoluteness in radical discipleship for those who are currently lukewarm and an encouragement for the weary and faithful to press on.

This is not a time for the Church to seek God’s material blessings and provisions but to focus on pursuing Christ’s call to “Follow Me” regardless of the cost.

Although it may seem cold and harsh in stating to genuine believers not to expect comfort and luxury, they are loving words of a call to prepare for the conflict ahead. God will bring His people to a place of where nothing matters, whether to things lost or gained; all that will matter is that God takes pre-eminence in their lives and His will is pursued with all of their hearts. “In all the world, my God, there is none but Thee, there is none but Thee.” When we get to that place, the world in all its riches will not be worthy to be compared with the riches and eternal security we have in Christ. In the midst of conflict will come the inexpressible joy, peace and comfort of God.

God has given us this time to get into His Word and to know what prayer really is – to seek His face; to know and hear Him amidst all of the world’s chaos. It is there we will see that He is sovereign over all and in complete control of all world events that are subservient to His plans that continue to unfold in the precise manner He decreed and set in place before the foundation of the world.

I close with this most recent exhortation made public by Paul Washer: “The judgement of God against this nation will not be turned by a more conservative President, but by the repentance of its people. The church’s task for the next 4 years is the same as the last 2000 years – Preach the Gospel to every creature and live it out before them.”


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