• Pitfalls of Excess Success

Pride Before a Fall

EXCESS SUCCESS WILL more often than not lead us to spiritually digress.

– M.A. Williams


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  1. Oswald Chambers was a very wise individual. I do wonder though, did he come by the wisdom of the quote in your comment by wisdom granted before the fact or following one of life’s personal experiences ? I question not, the great wisdom of one of God’s faithful servants, but how it was received. Perhaps I think too deeply on the matter.


    • Chambers has been a long time favourite (among many others of course) of mine for years. I have yet to come across another minister/author who encapsulated what loyalty to Christ through discipleship means, as well defined as him. A very, very deep man.

      He did state that a minister should not preach what he has not bought through experience and I think there was the depth of the man.

      I don’t entirely agree with all that he said, but what a man of integrity, sincerity; a true loyal servant of Christ – a brother I would love to meet if he was still here and whose words still continue to impact me. Whenever I read his words, I’m not necessarily conscious of him per se, but of God, and that is what every minister should strive for – to leave people with a sense of Him.

      Every blessing, Brother.

  2. Amen Brother, wise words.

    Did our dear Brother discover who M. A. Williams really is ?


    • Great to hear from you Brother.

      Oswald Chambers was very poignant in his wise words: “Do you realise that after eminent success in God’s work, there is more need for prayer than when we are at the foothills of a struggle for survival? The moments of victory and success are more dangerous than moments of darkness and depression.”

      As for the ‘mysterious’ M.A. Williams, I suspect he’s just a little guy who knows a big God.

      God bless you and your loved ones too, Brother.

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