♣ Innumerous Facets of God’s Grace


WHILE THE GLORIOUS aspects of God’s grace are innumerable, many believers deprive themselves by confining such an attribute for only those moments in times of trouble. The power of God’s grace, through which we were saved from eternal judgement and wrath, is reverberated throughout our entire Christian life (in the good and bad situations) in the same qualitative manner. The benevolence of God is revealed in this way: “He Who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him graciously give us all things?”(Romans 8:32).

It is this same grace, by which God drew us from the mire of filth (the very power of God that raised His Son from the dead), that keeps us and is already laid up for us throughout our pilgrimage: “Oh, how abundant is Your goodness which You have stored up for those who fear You” (Psalm 31:19).

It is grace tailored for our every individual need. The grace that God bestows upon others will not be sufficient for us, neither will ours will be adequate for others. God has made it so personal. As the trials are fitted to our personality, so the grace of God abundantly provides. The oil of the five wise virgins would not have been sufficient to save the five foolish virgins; their souls were not conditioned to gain from it; their hearts being unregenerate would not have benefitted from the oil.

God’s grace is predetermined, foreordained long before our conscious existence, predesigned to accompany the blast of coarse trials; it is the oil that sustains, the oil that soothes, heals and causes our cup to run over; it is the oil that keeps us persevering to the very end; it is the only oil that gladdens the heart for no worldly substance will satisfy, for we are created anew to see the emptiness, deceit and lie of the world – and so it is, for the prince of the air and the ruler of it (under God’s suzerainty) is the author of all lies.

We have to be weak in ourselves to encounter the grace of God, yet even then, when we are obstinately strong in ourselves, God by His grace towards us, breaks us of our pride and self sufficiency. It may seem like the ‘end of our world’, but it is the dawning of a brand new one, where we awake to the realisation that God indeed does far more than we are ever able to comprehend or ask (Ephesians 3:20). How the flesh likes to cling on to what it’s known for years, deceiving us that there is nothing better or beyond, yet, afterwards, we are humbled over the new freedom we had never dreamed of: “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.”

It is grace that teaches us; it is grace that leads us in the paths of righteousness. It is grace that afflicts, wounds and binds up to keep us on the straight and narrow. It is grace that upholds us in the moment, a power we never discovered until in the very midst of the trial. Before, we had wondered how we would ever cope and get through, but God’s grace has never failed us – no, not once. As we look back over the years and decades, we trace to our wonder the benevolence of God; His mercy and kindness that, instead of abandoning us and leaving us to sin’s power, has elevated us to greatness, not as the world, which is pure pomp and shallowness, but to the greatest thing man or woman can ever aspire to: to walk with God; to breathe, live and move in Him; to glorify and enjoy Him forever.

“It is equally a delightful thing to be kept of God; kept by Him, kept near Him, kept in Him. They are kept indeed whom God keeps; they are preserved from evil, they are reserved unto boundless happiness. God’s keeping goes with His blessing, to establish it and cause it to endure” – C.H. Spurgeon.

Grace is what fuelled the cross of Christ; grace opened the veins of Immanuel; grace made His blood flow and avail for you and I; grace has made His sacrifice efficacious for the vilest criminal; it is grace that has applied and written on our hearts the ways of God; it has opened our innermost being to pay attention and embrace it’s once veiled glory and so transform our lives; it is grace that will completely and perfectly conform us to the image of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

It is in glory that we shall overwhelmingly see, in all its glory, how powerful grace has been; where we questioned and doubted, it triumphed as when the power of God brought to open shame Satan’s biggest attempt and onslaught against Christ the perfect sacrificial Lamb. Where we naturally see defeat and failure – just as the disciples did when Christ died and was buried – God’s power and victory was magnificently demonstrated.

These innumerous facets of God’s grace are beyond calculation here on earth; they are inexhaustible but shall be individually exhibited in all their resplendence throughout eternity and will ever fill our mouths with a new song to the God Who lavished such undeserved beauty upon us.


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  1. Reblogged this on Preacher12's Blog and commented:
    A beautiful portrait of God’s Grace. A must read my friends.

  2. My goodness Brother Mark ! You are an artist in words as well as in paint. Truly inspiring article on the infinitude of facets of God’s Grace. They are without number. I have tried to grasp the depth of God’s Grace, but I would find it easier to count all the planets and the stars and to be able to clearly explain why He placed each one in it’s place.
    Thank you Brother for filling my mind and heart with such a vivid and wonderfully colored painting in words of the innumerous facets of God’s Grace. It will be a very restful night for me to lay down filled with these thoughts. I shall read it again in the morning to start my early morning devotion. I couldn’t think of a more blessed subject to start a new day with. Very well done, very well written.

    Your Brother In Christ Jesus, Dale

    • “I have tried to grasp the depth of God’s Grace, but I would find it easier to count all the planets and the stars and to be able to clearly explain why He placed each one in it’s place.” Amen – So true what you said there, Dale. Isn’t it amazing how so many seek blessing in a way without realising that so much has already happened to us? If God were not to bless us another day, we still would not exhaust or run the barrel dry as to what we already have in Christ.

      Praying that all is well with you, Brother.
      Every rich blessing on you and your home.

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