♦ Abstract Deity or the Great I AM

abstract and realism

I DO NOT want a god that is a figment of my imagination;
A god that is partially ‘true’;
A god that gives me all I want;
A god that succumbs to and grants me the ways I think are right;
A god that is subservient to my plans;
A god that grants me material prosperity;
A god that immunes me from roads of adversity;
A god that gives me perpetual ease.

If I should have such a god, then my world becomes an unreal and shallow domain, a realm that is the making for my own undoing and damnation.

Give me the One and only God Who is wholly true and infinitely transcends my highest thoughts of Him;
The God Who gives me what He knows best;
The God Who leads me in His perfect and righteous ways;
The God Whose plans and purposes I embrace;
The God Who grants me spiritual prosperity as He sees fit;
The God Who promises to walk with me through all tribulation as well as jubilation;
The God Whose grace is perpetually sufficient for all my deepest and truest needs;
The God Whose peace is the garrison of my heart when earthly ease is nowhere to be found.

If I should have this One true God, then life shall be known for what it really is, as He intends me to know, for in His light do we see aright. If this God be my Shepherd, then surely I shall not want for anything, for His goodness and mercy shall pursue me everlastingly.

God, give me this road that conforms and shall perfectly transform me to the image of Your Son.

– M.A. Williams


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  1. That’s the God I have.

    I love the line:
    [I do not want] A god that gives me perpetual ease.

    Ease makes us lazy and unproductive. When God gives me a challenge, it makes me perk up and work harder. When I put Him first, even though the task may take a bit of work, He grants me a sense of satisfaction that only working for Him can give.

    You always bring something to my reading that makes me be “thinkful” and “thankful,” Mark. Have a blessed day. Sandy

    • A huge amen to that, Sandy; ease does make us “lazy and unproductive” and oftentimes God’s way of delivering us from such is through “challenge” and adversity.

      I am so thankful that we have the God Who we do not control for He is sovereign over all. That is the greatest security, especially when such Reality is made actual in our own lives.

      God bless you too, Sandy and thank you for your kind and encouraging words,

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