♣ Morning by Morning


“Morning by morning they gathered it, each as much as he could eat; but when the sun grew hot it melted” – Exodus 16:21.

FOR FORTY YEARS the children of Israel gathered bread from heaven every morning; it was not a one-off occasion that lasted for a week’s duration. Every single morning (apart from the Sabbath) they went out to gather as much as they desired. That bread was only good for the day and had to be discarded if any remained through to the next dawn.

That principle is spiritually the same for us. Yesterday’s bread (soul food) will not suffice us today; we need fresh supplies, unspoiled and not stale. “Give us this day our daily bread” – God knows we need fresh supplies daily. Of course, we can recall the promises of God, the deliverances of God in times past, but for new trials and needs we must know God’s sufficiency in the now.

God’s provisions are there to fill us for as much as we need – not always our wants that mostly speak of self-gratification. We can never overdraw on the economy of God’s grace and no interest is charged to our account through excessive drawing; God desires that we come to Him with confidence asking Him for more and more knowing that He will richly supply for every one of our needs. Heavenly bread that fills our soul – “You prepare a table before me…” (Psalm 23:5). God prepares a feast for every occurrence of our lives. Do we believe it? Do we often come to the table?

Morning by morning the children of Israel gathered the manna. Mornings are still and fresh; the dew has lifted and creation has been replenished through rest. They are the best times to meet with God because He then takes precedence in your day; His perspectives govern yours. It also sets the tone to continue seeking God (in prayerful attitude) throughout the day, whether you are out working the yard, out grocery shopping, busy with children, or resting from a weeks work on your day off. I know we live in a busy world and some of us may feel that we cannot afford such luxury to be with God first thing in the morning – just a bite size one minute devotional quote has been the average spiritual diet of today. When Martin Luther (five-hundred years ago) had so much to do in the day he said that he had to be in prayer for at least three hours before he got to work.

“When the sun grew hot it [the manna] melted” How many opportunities have we lost when God wanted to speak to us at an opportune time but we kept delaying it and delaying it? So much has been missed out on rich communion with God. So much has been neglected, that had we spent those times with God we would have known grace for each trying moment; our hearts would not have given way to panic, despair and unbelief; we would not have wavered and sunk under temptation; we would have known the joy of the Lord that is our strength.

We may have lost so much precious time with God, but today is a new day and His mercies are fresh as they are every morning. We can’t do anything to bring back our yesterdays of missed time with God, but we can do something about it today; we can move on refusing to neglect when God has called us to be with Him.


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