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♣ Gifted For His Glory

For His Glory

“…what do you have that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it?” – 1 Corinthians 4:7

ALTHOUGH THE ABOVE verse in context pertains to the body of Christ, it can also be applied, in some measure, to the whole of society, whether or not one professes faith in God. In the absence of sobriety of mind lies an open door for humanity to pride itself with the consciousness of its ‘own’ strengths and accomplishments. Is it not God Who has determined our abilities and talents? Christian and non-Christian alike, where do we derive our empowering to live and move; from where do we draw our intellect and ability to reason, explore and find out? Who made man and where does his entire substance come from? We were made and called to be out of nothing and our origin lies with none other than our Creator Himself. Indeed, we are no higher or greater than our imperative need to draw breath every few seconds to think, perform and succeed.

How do we elucidate the enigma of certain individuals, who without God, prosper in their ways? It would appear as if they are endowed with their own strength; they don’t need God like some of us ‘weak’ Christians do, but therein lies the deception. How absurd that any one of us would take credit for our strengths and aptitudes; it is sheer ignorance and arrogance that defies God. Indeed, such is the real weakness; to not realise how impotent we are without God is the most dangerous form of weakness and the most vulnerable setup for self-destruction.

Those who have accomplished the extraordinary, where did such enabling come from; those who have made great names for themselves, what and who really determined such attainment? Many will boast of their own assiduity and self-discipline, that they handled their own fate to meet with success. Some are more enabled than others and God in His wisdom has purposed that for reasons we do not always comprehend on this side of eternity.

What lies at stake here for everyone of us is not so much what we have done in this life as much as to who we have done it for; if it is for self-gain, then it is all in vain, if it is for the glory of God, then it shall stand throughout all eternity. Always remember that the greater the gifts, the greater accountability to God will be required. No matter how insignificant or prominent our gifting – according to our limited estimation – what God looks for is that His name be reflected and magnified through our bestowed talents and man above all of creation is given the greater responsibility to shine in such a way that declares His glory and praise. Anything other than that is a violation of what humanity was created for.

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