♣ He Will Be…

Rock of refuge

“…He will be the stability of your times, abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge”– Isaiah 33:6

NO AGE LIMITS the power of God, no evil ties the hands of God and no lie shall prevail over and against Who He is. Science may sound as to be gaining the upper hand, atheism subsequently appears to be on the rise, perversion escalates to defy all that God is and the depravity of world governments call into question His sovereignty. This is nothing but humanity’s repeated attempt to erect its own unified empire that is certain to result in agonising loss.

The wonder of the Christian life is that despite the trouble we have in this world, our hearts shall be garrisoned by the very peace of God (John 16:33). Nothing comes near to the peace He Himself gives, for it is such that holds the soul joyously intact while outwitting human comprehension (Philippians 4:7). No cult can replicate it – they may well induce feelings of calmness, but in the crises will soon give way to the tyrannical undercurrent of the god of this world; God’s way is that He holds us together in the midst of the most intensified fire without a single hair of our head perishing (Luke 21:16-19).

Never the world but God Himself shall be the stability of our times – “though the earth give way we shall not fear” (Psalm 46:2) – and nothing shall thwart the abundance of God’s mercy through salvation; all whom the Father has given to His Son for salvation shall indeed come to Him (John 6:37). In the midst of a foolish age, God’s wisdom shall be made known to His own and the knowledge of Him shall overflow their hearts with joy inexpressible. The Shepherd of our souls is the kind Who, in the very presence of our worst enemy, enables us to taste His inexhaustible riches and though this world, in which we once put our hope, is failing and diminishing, we eagerly await with confident anticipation the new Heaven and Earth to come where no evil shall be known. The security and stability of God we encounter in the midst of all the current upheaval are foretastes of the perfect dwelling to come.


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