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“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.”– Matthew 11:28.

ATTEMPTING TO ACCESS the internet recently for some people has been far from easy surfing. Only a limited time permits you to browse the web before the connection is either weak or completely down. There is no denying the frustration if when trying to pay bills, responding to that email or posting an article. It can involve hours of diagnosing the problem before you’re back up and running as usual, whether it’s determining the most obvious yourself or being assisted by a technician via the cell phone to correct the problem. Sometimes it may be something beyond your knowledge; other times it may be as simple as depressing your ‘reset’ button at the back of your modem.

Pressing that reset button is oftentimes likened to us as Christians. We all experience weariness, heaviness and where life becomes an impossible burden to bear that mars a clear connection and knowing peace with God. Some of us may run from person to person trying to get to the bottom of our problems; some seek others for prayer and deliverance; some try harder and bear with the increasing difficulties, while others just ignore it. However which way we look at it and run ourselves ragged to obtain peace of mind, we must frequently come to the place of resetting our ‘button’ at the back of all the activity of our lives. That resetting is coming to Christ, which is not a one-time scenario; coming to Christ is as needful for us as He regularly withdrew to be with the Father – not that He wouldn’t fail as Son of Man, but because it was as natural for Him as breathing is to us; His desire was perpetual communion with the Father – and what an imperative lesson for each one of us who are imperfect. Resetting is a restoration format to default settings, not necessarily wiping out all information to where you have to program all the required data.

We need to be frequently reminded of the Gospel, that our entire salvation rests solely on Christ and that we are saved only because of His works and merits; how the old Adamic nature subtly ensnares us to continue running the race in the flesh after having begun in the Spirit. We will only ever run and not grow weary if we walk in the Spirit. It is we that are prone to losing the simplicity in Christ. Our Saviour said, “My yoke is easy and my load is light” and that is exactly the case when we come to Him helpless, tangled in soul and downright weary of life itself. Having spent time with Him, just being in His presence, blasts away all misconceived perspectives on life, has worry scuttle back to where it came from and realigns our realisation of our standing in Christ and eternal security in Him. Christ is the One who resets our spiritual equilibrium – the Shepherd Who restores our soul. It is getting back to the plain (clear), old (proven), simple, solid and glorious Biblical truths that liberate our hearts and has us mount up with wings like eagles.


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