♣ Blind Madness or Sober-Minded Confidence?

“Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way…” – Psalm 46:2.

WHAT GAVE SUCH confidence to the sons of Korah? Were they speaking hyperbolically or did they mean it in the literal sense? Were they speaking/singing poetically to work up some kind of courage, or did they speak out of the overwhelming realisation of their security in God? What comes to mind when we speak of the earth is a secure habitation and everything that threatens such safety causes upset, panic and turmoil. Do we ever come to think that to react in such ways is not the fruit of the Holy Spirit but the very spirit of the world? We tend to think of worldliness only on the lines of immorality, but in essence is a mindset that calculates life without God and the deceptive aspect about it is that it does not always appear blatantly evil but innocent. Worldliness is the spirit of the air that tempts and entices man to sin as he did at the dawn of creation. How many of us see worrying as worldliness – “even the pagans seek after these things”? Worrying is the spirit of independence, the lust to have it my way and in my desired timeframe.

There is no madness in not fearing when all gives way around because God’s sovereignty is perceived through the upheaval, but it is pure madness to put your trust and security in the things of this world – the governments ‘promised’ security, the building of empires, world systems and success in the material sense of the word. If we expect this world to be a comfortable place to live in, we are in a severe state of spiritual insanity. The Scriptures are not just full of facts in regards to this world; they give the very facts in diagnosing the world. There is no other book as revealing as the Bible and we would do well to pay heed to it, not just in times of war but in times of peace; that is where the Christian is often inclined to relax and lower the guard – “This world is not a really bad place after all.” Thank God for times of peace, but always make sure He is your fountain of peace. The very sign He is not is when you’re alarmed at the sudden outbreak of war and terrorism that dictates how you feel.

“‘For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but My steadfast love shall not depart from you and My covenant of peace shall not be removed’, says the Lord, Who has compassion on you.” (Isaiah 54:10). God’s peace is never conditional on our circumstances, but it is certainly conditional on our relationship to God through the redemption of Christ (Romans 5:1). If the peace of God fails to garrison our hearts in the midst of evil, either God is a liar or we are failing to encounter the God of peace. The wonder of our encountering God’s peace breaks forth in bold (confident) praise and worship: ‘You prepare a table before me [not just in times of tranquillity] but in the [very] presence of my enemies and exults with the Apostle Paul that “in all these things we are more than conquerors.” This is not blind madness that refuses to face facts, but sober confidence in the only God Who is absolutely sovereign over every minute detail throughout the ages of time.


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