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♣ Ever Watchful

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“Behold, He Who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” – Psalm 121:4.

HOW EASY IT is to forget that God is ever-watchful over us, over absolutely every minute detail that even we aren’t aware of. When we are declared to be the ‘apple of His eye’, that not only pertains to physical Israel, but to all who have been spiritually born into God’s eternal covenant; each one of us who breathe genuine faith in Christ is immeasurably precious to the Great I AM.

No matter how more real our trying circumstances appear to be than God’s promises, nothing changes the fact God is Who He says He is, that neither the yesterdays, today’s or tomorrow’s will altar His infinite care of us. When Peter, moved by the Holy Spirit, wrote, “…for He cares for you…”, there is meaning behind such words that we are prone to miss. Flawless are God’s ways, with Whom there is no shadow or any slightest degree of turning. He is most certainly the same God today Who delivered Israel from out of the iron furnace of Egypt and brought the remnant to the promised land. Nothing in all of creation has heightened or diminished God, neither any part of creation, however prominent or insignificant, will distract God’s ever watchful eye from us. Alexander Smellie, that great devotional writer, said, “He is as alive to my trouble as the eye is alive to the least mote pressing on its sensitive surface. Whatever annoys, the dark difficulties of belief, the agony begotten in the heart by the dark background of things, the wintry dispensations of providence, the fear lest the soul should be a castaway: He and His Christ know and love and succour; and They come infinitely nearer to me by reason of my very distresses.”

We may forget God due to all the activities in the day, but He never forgets us; our eyes may wander from Him, but He constantly guides us with His despite the wheels of circumstances turning very slow or either coming to a halt. We may at times question as to whether such a promise applies to us because so many years have passed and still no change, but though our faith may at times linger and falter, He remains the same. He Who has called you is faithful and shall do it.


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