• For Power or Purity?

His Cup

Many people ignorantly seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit for power, but how many are prepared for the baptism of suffering our Lord was baptised with that endues us with purity to be witnesses solely unto Him?

M.A. Williams

Scripture Ref: Mark 10:38; Acts 1:8


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  1. Can’t have the water without the fire! The Christian hates the verse where it tells us that whom the Lord receives, He scourges. We are all marked, and many of us are marked for damnation. There’s only a very small remnant who will pass through the fires of God’s purification.

    • Whom the Lord loves He reproves and disciplines and it is painful; those blows are heart-wrenching at times and if they have done their work in breaking us, then our attitude towards others (not just toward God) are most certainly going to be softened. God has His ways in really showing us how small we are and blessed are those who know their own wretchedness and lean all the more upon Him.

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