♣ Unexpected & Unusual Gifts

Paper Towels

“…your Father knows what you need before you ask Him” – Matthew 6:8.

MY WIFE AND I received some of the most unexpected and unusual gifts this Christmas. I have never known of anyone to receive paper kitchen towels, but the ironic aspect is that we had intended to buy some more due to the brand we had been buying has significantly reduced in quality. Our friend, who kindly gave us these gifts, was mesmerised watching us getting excited with the paper towels over and above other items included in the package.

These kinds of scenarios have repeatedly taken place in our lives over the last number of years. The things that we have needed, whether small or large, have been given in the most unexpected ways and sometimes by people who had no inclination as to what our needs were.

Christianity is not about God serving us, granting our dreams or financially prospering us; we are called to pursue God’s interests, to know what pleases Him and to walk according to His ways and revealed plans, whether or not God grants us our desires. Oftentimes God’s denials are His mercies. God’s salvation is continual and how many times can we count God delivering us from selfish requests that would prove to be dishonouring to Him and endangering ourselves?

That does not nullify God’s immense care toward you and me and as Heavenly Father He is eternally committed to ensuring our best. He really does care for His own and He wants us to know that, indeed, He will most certainly bring us to the place of realising that until we learn to have such unshakeable confidence in Him even though life’s circumstances may say otherwise.

Not only does God care but He is profoundly detailed in His care. His infinite knowledge of us means He knows what we really need more than we know ourselves. You know those kinds of situations where only God could have orchestrated events to demonstrate His Fatherly care of you. This is precisely what happened only a few days ago with the paper towels; you could sense the hand of God in this and it was a wonderful reminder that God knows it all, even before the need arises. It may seem laughable in some instances and to others it may seem so insignificant, but if God is attentive to these ‘little’ and ‘insignificant’ things will He not obviously provide for us in the larger aspects of life? It shows why we ought not to be anxious about any area of our lives apart from pleasing God and of course, if we are pleasing Him, we will in turn be a blessing to others.


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