♣ Nothing will be Impossible

God of the Impossible

“… For nothing will be impossible with God” – Luke 1:37.

SOME OF US tend to think that because we live in a completely different era from that of the old and New Testament God has become moderate with the miraculous. God has not ceased to perform wonders and He certainly is not confined to just performing small ones either.

Are we prone to confining God to time, to what is recorded in the Scriptures, or do we perceive Him in the Present, coupled with confident expectations for the future? “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow” and He is sovereign to do whatever He pleases. Our theology will never limit Him, only our indifference and hardness of heart will limit what God will do through us, but that will never deter Him from carrying out His purposes.

We have all heard it said that “nothing IS impossible with God” which speaks to us in the now, but to read and hear that “nothing WILL BE impossible with God” – also speaks directly to our future in light of absolutely everything that will and could ever possibly occur; nothing shall or can ever be out of God’s jurisdiction.

God is as very much alive and all-powerful as He was when He called and led Abraham, Moses, David to John the apostle who penned the last words of Scripture. Among us, amidst our evil and chaotic age, still reigns the sovereign and unstoppable God Who draws us to call upon His name to witness in our generation a mighty continuation of Church history.

Does this seem all too farfetched? Do we see God; do we SEE Him; do we KNOW Him to be an infinite God – a galactic (inconceivably large) God Who is impossible to fathom? Do we stand in awe because of the immeasurable grandeur of God? ‘Great God of Wonders’ may be sung so wonderfully, but do we behold in wonderment our God or have we fossilised Him in some distant past?

“For He who is mighty has done great things for me and holy is His name. And His mercy is for those who fear Him from generation to generation” – Luke 1:49-50. “From generation to generation” – was Mary’s song, it is continual and His mercy “is” not was. His mercy proves to be the basis of His wonders; none of us are ever in the place of meriting God’s goodness. Zechariah and Elizabeth were godly people but that was never the foundation of obtaining God’s mercy; they only feared God because of His goodness toward them that led them in ways of true repentance and righteousness. “…the Lord had shown great mercy to her” – His great mercies are His grandest wonders among mankind and the sublimest of them all is the Son of God entering the womb where we are all conceived in sin. There did His advent begin, the beginning of our redemption – God among flesh clothed in human likeness. If God can be merciful to us through such incredibility of a Virgin birth, then surely nothing will be impossible for God.

From generation to generation “NOTHING will be impossible with the Alpha and the Omega, from before the beginning of time and after the end of it, for He is not confined to it; He dwells inside and outside of it simultaneously.

“Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you and worked for those who take refuge in you…” (Psalm 31:19). “Stored up” – before the foundation of the world, God saw all that would present itself as an impossibility to us and has thus prepared the very way and means that will leave us standing in awe of Him. Nothing takes God by surprise and there never was or will be any plan B’s with God; what He has predestined will surely be, where all impossibilities bow the knee and dissipate into nothing, indeed where mountains are levelled and every crooked path made straight.

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