♣ The Lord is Your Confidence

God Our Confidence

“…the Lord will be your confidence” – Proverbs 3:26.

“For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence…” – Psalm 71:5

THE SUBTLETY OF worldly positive thinking is more prevalent in today’s churches than we realise. How often have we heard it said that we ought to grow in self-confidence and that one of the greatest needs is the restoration of self-esteem? It goes without saying that much of today’s Christian counselling is built on a psychology and philosophy that is shockingly far from Biblical truth. This is not to say that such methods do not work; they work tremendously for scores of people, nevertheless, instead of walking in the footsteps of our spiritual fathers and mothers – on the straight and narrow – we have veered towards a way that is broad, a path that is indistinguishable from the ways of this world.

Because a person is confident in themselves does not entail that such a person is strong in the ways of the Lord; it often proves to be the very opposite. The apostle Paul is a classic example as to what really being strong in the Lord is (2 Corinthians 12:8-10). This is not to say that we do not have confidence to carry out a task that we know we are capable of; it is to do with our whole perspective on life; it is realising we that are downright vulnerable and frail without God, which our pride hates to admit.

If God has called you out of this world and has chosen you to be an heir of His, be sure that He will tear down all that is false, all that you place your confidence in other than God Himself. God wants us whole and sound and He will wound to heal and break down to build back up in the right way. This is the redemption of Christ being worked out in every domain of our lives; God will make straight the crooked paths in our lives and such straightening may entail a levelling, a stripping of all we have put our hope in, but it is no real loss compared to what shall be gained when we can say with Paul, “I count them as rubbish because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ” (Philippians 3).

Timothy, Paul’s son in the faith, was known to be of a timid disposition, but did that rule him out to work with Paul? Absolutely not; he was a son in the faith to the apostle, a son whose spiritual father was delighted in. The young apprentice in the faith would have learned the secret of being strong in the Lord but still left with the infirmity of realising one’s weakness; how he should dare never trust in himself. The Lord was Timothy’s confidence and some of us may feel our hearts go out to him in sympathy, but really such an imitator of Paul’s heart should go out to us with pity and sorrow, for we have yet to find our real source of strength and power infinitely beyond ourselves. The world says “Believe in yourself”, God states, “Believe in Me.” We were created to continually absorb the strength and power that comes from walking with God and there is no mistake in realising the deliberate similarities of life on earth without our sun; it cannot survive, let alone exist.


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