• Those Best at Complaining

In all circumstances

Those who are best at complaining will find something to complain about in the best of days.

M.A. Williams


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  1. paul the slave

    We think we are being submissive to God, but when it rains or when Obama gives more funding to Planned Parenthood, we get our socks in a knot. We must understand that God tells us that it is HE who raises kings up and brings kings down. This is true sovereignty.

    • It is part of God’s judgement on America without a doubt, but under such seasons God knows His own and will bless in the midst of all this chaos – part of the truth that nothing shall separate us from the love of God or thwart any of His purposes or take away any part of His glory but rather display it all the more.

  2. paul the slave

    I have a real complaint about complainers! Just joking..,we all complain, whether it’s about the weather, the government or whatever. If we just start realizing that God is in control of every aspect of society, we will also realize that to complain about life, is to complain about God.

    • Lol!Yes, we all do at times, Paul; sometimes it’s when we don’t even realise it and you’re right – it all boils down to complaining about God, together with our own disobedience and coldness and apathy of heart.

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