♣ Beyond Our Waywardness

unfailing love

GOD’S EVERLASTING LOVE pursues us beyond our waywardness. That can be taken two ways but only one is the correct way of seeing it to really encounter it. The wrong way is to view this truth as a license to sin and live the way we want instead of recognising and joyously living in the light of Christ’s Lordship over us. The right way will break us and make our hearts long to be cleansed from every crooked way, every deceitful way and every allegiance with sin.

There is great comfort here for the truly regenerate who struggles with sin and fears that sin will win the day in their lives for eternity. It is not because of your efforts or how you engage your will to obey God that secures your salvation and perseverance in the faith; it is God’s immovable love – yes a love that continues steadfastly despite your unfaithfulness and the coldness of your heart toward Him at times. It is a love that goes beyond the denials of Peter; it is grace that abounds over and above our sin. Where grace abounds, holiness will inevitably be the outcome.

His goodness and mercy will not depart from you, no matter what blackness and filth you see in your heart. God knew all about that before He chose you before the foundation of the world. He even knows about the corruption in your heart that you are presently unaware of, but that does not alter His covenant to perfect what He has begun within you.

To understand grace is to see that it triumphs over our sin, but first it is Love that loves us in our sin-soaked state, our dead state. It awoke us from there and it will continue to lead us in the paths of righteousness, for His names sake.

Oh for a heart to obey Him and please Him more!

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