♣ Don’t Wait for Next Year

new every moment

“…take hold of the eternal life to which you were called…” – 1 Timothy 6:12.

SOME PEOPLE ARE so enthusiastic at the beginning of the year with their New Year resolutions only to end in failure and disappointment, that they will ride out the remaining months with mediocrity, leaving it until next year’s ‘magical’ moment to pick back up momentum. As Christians, we ought to have no business with such hindering and disqualifying thinking. Because we fall does not entail we are to stay down. You probably remember the scene where Eric Liddell is pushed and stumbles to the ground in the middle of a race in that epic film, ‘Chariots of Fire’. Defeat could have won the day, but with sheer determination he got back up on his feet, regained position and gloriously took first place.

We’ve almost hit mid year and we have and are going to fall, we are going to sin, but nothing should rob us of that spiritual boldness in continuing to run the race with our eyes firmly fixed on the Author and Perfecter of our faith. The things that so easily hinder us we are to throw off – and yes, that includes when we feel so unworthy to come before the Throne of Grace, because when all is said and done, we will never attain that place of deserving any merit from God; all the good things we receive from His hand has its root in His mercy and love alone and the reason why any of us change is because the kindness of God leads every one of us to repentance. That’s why we change from glory to glory, not because of our resolutions, but because Christ has prayed for us and secured our beginning to end.

Every day and every moment is an opportunity to make things right; we mustn’t wait until a brand new year comes around to change. God calls us to get back up on our feet now.

What a fallacy to believe that we can put all mistakes behind us because a new year has come upon us. There is nothing that cleanses us of our past but the blood of Jesus. Do our New Year resolutions have more power? Do we have to wait annually for renewal to put all the bad behind us? God is the One Who wipes our slate clean.

There are many hundreds and thousands of people who have changed the course of their life for the better in their own and others minds; they have sorely regretted the ways in which they lived and now because of positive circumstantial change, they are now successful, but God’s grace is not confined to special occasions or favourable circumstances.

Some of you may have heard it said, “Making better decisions for the future is a way of apologising for past mistakes” and while that sounds promising on a moral level, it means nothing if our past has not been washed away by the blood of Christ. Our morals account for nothing if Christ is not the spring of righteousness in our life.

Not New Year ‘magical’ moments, but the Holy of Holies is open to us every moment. God’s mercies are new every morning and they are not confined literally to mornings; it insinuates that there are endless new beginnings in God, whether at morning, noon or night. God calls us to come now; never wait for when you feel worthy. Always remember, the Holy Spirit convicts while the accuser of the brethren endeavours to rub our face in the dirt; God calls us to lay aside every weight that so easily entraps us, while the devil would have us stay down, wallowing in the mud. Satan will hound us to destroy us, but the Holy Spirit wounds us in order to heal and restore us, to grasp in greater measure the eternal life we have been called unto.


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