• Fishers of Souls

fishers of souls

Christ calls us to leave behind our sin-catching nets to become fishers of souls for Him.

M.A. Williams


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  1. But the problem with the church is they do not use a net, but a hook and lure. Hence the fallacy of the seeker-sensitive gospel that damns people to hell in their false sense of security.

    • Yes, that’s true and the Church will have tares or weeds as well as bad fish (Matthew 13:24-30; 47-50). Longing for the day when the Bride will be free from all blemishes.

      • It’s amazing to see the biblical ignorance I see in Christians today as well. We talk about the tares, but the biggest problem is in the church where believers are starving and being sucked into the trap of media. The frontal lobe is being atrophied at an alarming state and it will only get worse.

        If you didn’t know, the frontal lobe is the area of the brain where analytical thought is produced. It’s where we take information in and decide whether it’s true of not.

        If this is being put to sleep, as it were, the person will not be able to discern between right and wrong. Christians are being deceived today and it’s mainly because they are enjoying far too much of the world.

        Separation from the world is extremely important to preserve sensitivity to sin.

        Sorry for ranting, it’s been a hard week of being attacked for standing for scripture on another blog.

        Hope all is well my friend.

      • I stand with you a 100%, Brother. The Church in general is far too much like the world and amazingly it is seen in reformed circles too – not just the charismatic’s or Pentecostal’s. There is hardly any distinction seen today and when we do see a godly man or woman – not jut morally, but those who really know God – we don’t know how to react, except to push them to one side.

        Media has taken over everywhere, to where the Church has been sucked into it as well; no one can hardly function without it. As Ravenhill said, “Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy.” I seriously wonder how church-goers would react if nothing was to take place in the meetings for a solid month, except for serious prayer until God comes.

        Keep standing God’s ground in Christ’s way. I keep having to be reminded of this, “full of grace and truth.” To have fire as well as gentleness is something many leaders lack and we can never imitate another preacher or prophet – but only our Prophet, Priest and King. A time and a place and knowing how is something where the Spirit leads.

        I’m holding in there, Brother by His grace.

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