♣ Again & Again (Audio Devotional)


“Why are you cast down, O my soul and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God” – Psalm 42:5, 11.

THERE ARE FEW Psalms that repeat themselves word for word and here is one classic example. Why the repetition in the fifth and eleventh verse? David wrestled with the anguish in his heart, the waves of turmoil that assailed him. No peace could be found in his own heart and no circumstance gave him any note of encouragement or hope. The last verse is a determination of David’s outlook, a reminder that his undiminishing hope lies in God alone. His surrounding situations would say otherwise and the lack of peace in his own heart gave way to waves of despair. Only when David looked to God did fresh hope take hold of his heart and this will be the same for us.

We may look back on the days of good health, a good marriage, good friends, good employment, good fellowship and with every problem under good control – the ‘Golden Years’ as many people refer to them – so how can things possibly improve when these undeniable realities stare us daily in the face?

God is after one thing in our lives and that is spiritual prosperity. It was Arthur Neil who said, “The way to spiritual prosperity is through serious adversity.” As we deepen in our walk with the Lord, eternal realities will shine brighter than the temporal physical normalities around us. Our sustenance is not gained from favourable circumstances, but in whatever situation we are in – good or bad – we find contentment in God and that contentment is not a passive resignation to God’s will; it is an active trust that embraces and cooperates with God’s highest order above what we are naturally inclined to see and feel around us. It is faith that declares, “all these things are working together now for the very best.”

When we turn our focus to God and fix it there, hope will begin to flood our heart and faith will shout, “I shall again praise Him.” That ‘again’ never comes to an end. We do not know how the ‘agains’ shall materialise, but they shall be joys unfathomable. God always proves Himself and oftentimes we are reproved for our lack of faith. He always remains faithful to strengthen our faith and the way He proves Himself is through circumstances that do not give us an inkling as to how things will result in praise and glory to Him, but they do and we are brought back again and again to a place of realising anew that He certainly does all things wonderfully well.

Heavenly Father, it comforts me to know that You know what is exactly taking place and how all things are going to exactly end; it consoles me that you are in charge of every detail in my life even though I do not always see or feel that. You remain the same, my God – my salvation. Thank you that Your mercies never come to an end which means I shall always praise You again and again. It will entail valleys – lots of them, long and short; it will entail painful times, but I praise You that You shall again lift me up and will put a new song in my mouth. I don’t know how You do the things You do in such a way that mesmerises me; You never cease to amaze me. I worship You, my God – my life, my joy and my hope – through Jesus Who has secured my peace with You. Amen.

NOTE: You may also listen to the audio version of this devotional here :: Again & Again :: Audio Devotional




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