• Faith That Is Tried


Faith that is tried proves the promises of God.

M.A. Williams


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  1. Good morning Mark. Yes, faith is always strengthened through the fires of struggle and strain. When we feel like we are going to be stretched in to two parts, God comes along and gives us more faith to handle it.

    He knows what He is doing, and sometimes the answer is right in front of our faces and we don’t even know it. 😉

    • Good to hear from you, Paul. Stretched beyond what we think we can handle, but it is in that melting moment where patience is learned. That’s the sanctifying flame and when we yield, we really come to discover that we are living and existing for His purposes. Well, God give me a double dose of seeing what’s right in front of my face. Seeking His ways and then acting upon them. God bless you, Brother.

      • Hi Mark,

        In black-smithing, you take a piece of steel or pieces of steel and hammer them together to make a sword or knife or whatever. But the piece starts off a small thick piece and end up becoming something longer and thinner yet stronger.

        Isn’t this a fitting description of what God is doing in our lives? He is stretching us, but in doing so, He is strengthening us. Take a watch of this video. You can see this world-famous knife maker making a kitchen knife from a very large pile of steel. He hammers it and heat it. Then he hammers it and heats it. Until he gets the blank to his desired thickness. It’s an amazing video and very apropos to what we are talking about here.

      • It certainly is – a very fitting description with how God works on our lives. Sometimes when we think God has brought us to a place of preparation we realise it is only the beginning. Nowadays we have reduced preparation time to four years in theological seminary. We forget God makes His men in the blasting desert for years on end. He most certainly hammers out all self-reliance and pride and the intense heat is phenomenal; we melt under it. Reminds me of what Lord Alfred Tennyson wrote:
        “Life is not as idle ore…
        But iron dug from central gloom,
        And heated hot with burning fears,
        And dipt’ in baths of hissing tears
        And batter’d with the shocks of doom to shape and use.”

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