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♣ To the Penny

“…God shall supply every need of yours according to His riches in Christ Jesus” – Philippians 4:19

KEEPING WITHIN BUDGET while grocery shopping is not always easy and that’s exactly when sales come in really handy especially on the items you’re looking to purchase. Yesterdays event was something that hardly happens, well, never in my life before anyway. While having my items scanned by the girl at the cash register, I noticed the bill steadily climbing higher and higher and knew that my calculations were somewhat out of sink, embarrassingly preparing myself in my mind to have items put back on the shelf (something that does not happen to me). The discounts were applied, bringing it nearer to the amount of cash assuming I had. Pulling out my notes and digging for change in my pocket – to the very last penny – I unknowingly had the exact amount the cashier required. Needless to say, this was something very rare for her to witness in all her years of cashiering and even the customer behind me gave a look of great surprise. To the very last penny and it was there all along to meet that bill.

I know for many this may be trivial, but for me it meant the world and for some of you out there, you can most probably relate and share in predicaments like these. This speaks of our Heavenly Father Who knows what we need long before the need arises. He is with us in so many countless ways we are unaware of. He will provide and it may be to the very last penny – just enough to meet such needs. Some of us may wonder how we’re going to meet next month’s electricity bill or mortgage payment, but it happens; we reach it and in ways that oftentimes are nothing less than miraculous.

Why doesn’t God extravagantly bless us in these areas, where we have more than what we need? The only adequate answer for that, I strongly believe, is if that were the case we would fail to see the wonder of God’s exact provisions; we would take it for granted and miss the real blessing of knowing that God shall indeed never fail to give all what we really need. God knows we would start to look away from Him instead of continuing to realise our source is in Him if He gave us what we deem best. It shows God has our back every step of the way.

Our walk with God is not confined to financial matters and other physical needs being met. Christianity is not a walk void of troubles and troubles that may last for some time; it comes with much pain and grief, but such life experiences are never ever wasted in God’s economy. Their purpose is that we may know God in deeper ways and that we are brought to places where we encounter Him meeting every one of our needs. That’s humbling for many of us because we’re so independent, but it is also exalting in the right way; God oftentimes has to bring us low to raise us up. It is never His way for any of His children to remain in ‘sackcloth and ashes’; He wants us there by His side, thriving in His presence and knowing His smile upon us. We get those glimpses sometimes, but we could have more of them if we only knew Him better.

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