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Not only is the Bible inerrant but it is also wondrously relevant in every era and for every culture that arises because it is the eternal living Word of God.


M.A. Williams


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  1. And what most people don’t realize is the fact that the Word of God is relevant also in showing us our sin and compromise. Even Biblically saved Christians.

    When we fall into compromise and allow ourselves to be trapped by what is trendy, cool and popular, the Word of God points to our sin and says, ‘Get rid of it!’

    It keeps us tender, humble and sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s convicting ways.

    • The two problems we have today is many churches question the inerrancy of God’s Word and its relevancy to today’s scenarios. It is relevant for absolutely everything. There is no other book that is honest in regards to man; there is no other book that diagnoses humanity’s problem and there is no other book that reveals our motives – not just our actions. Motives – the very thing that can be hidden from the eyes of everyone else but not God’s. God knows how we’re really doing. Oh we can pretend and say the right things but God sees all past that right to the very core of what really makes us tick. There’ll be so many things that are hidden now brought to light on that Great Day.

      Many see the Scriptures as outdated and out of sink with today’s world. No, we are out of sink with God as man continues to build his tower of Babel.

      As for most of what is trendy today – you can throw it in the bin. The fashions of this world are dull, shallow and dry. The devil will tempt us in more subtle ways. It’s not so much the world we have to be on guard against as ourselves; that is a more subtle danger and God’s Word will bring to light the corruptions in our heart. We don’t have to be “trendy” to be full of self-importance or living with the lust to be noticed by others, or to be praised by others. It is prevalent among many who argue in theological circles – the pride of being right when we’re discussing the attributes of God. We’re so downright blind to what worldliness really is. It goes so much deeper compared to the immature and blatant views of worldliness and compromise.

      Another thing we have to continually watch for is not walking in the light of our own convictions, but rather by God’s standards. Read Oswald Chambers book, ‘Workmen of God’. A brilliant book in dealing with different people in God’s way and at His pace. Few books have I read where the authors were immersed with the life of God.

      How much growing up we have to do.

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