• Not Through Hebrew and Greek

Obey Him

What the Church needs today is not a greater understanding of the Scriptures through Hebrew and Greek; it needs to be obeyed again like men and women of old use to do.

M.A. Williams



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  1. Just to clarify here: Studying is very important and to understand the text as close as possible to Hebrew and Greek is essential. The point is, we have so much learning on our hands, more than any other era in the Christian Church and we are none the better for it but worse off. People obeyed hundreds of years ago and God moved and many of these people were not efficient in the Hebrew and Greek languages; they took the Bible for what it was and lived it and it worked. What’s our excuse today?

    • Like Leonard Ravenhill said, (paraphrase), we have more tools at our disposal than any other generation of Christians, and we are sick and weak. Why?

      1. Because we have confused the true church with the false converts that fill the building.
      2. Because we as Christians have not taken the fear of God or His demand for glory seriously. We live lives that shame Him. We go to movies, we listen to secular music, we expose ourselves to the world in ways that sear our consciences, and harden us to sin. Eventually, we don’t even realize we have sinned anymore. The frog boils and doesn’t know it.

  2. Understanding the original manuscripts are important for knowledge, however, we must have the fear of God and the dread of sin, the early church once had.

    Today, we use our Christian liberty as a license to sin and enjoy the world, all the while the world looks at us and laughs.

    Imagine if we as Christians walked around in life with a big sign above our heads that said CHRISTIAN in big flashing letters? Would we go to theaters? Or the malls?

    Paul says we carry around in our bodies the dying body of Christ Jesus. That basically means that wherever we go, we should never forget His death and sacrifice and why He had to die. If we remember this, would we go to watch the latest movies? Would we go to concerts and places where we have to blend in, in order to enjoy ourselves?

    Christians the world over, need to smarten up their lifestyles and choices for entertainment, because we are all bringing much dishonor to God through our compromise.

    • We are in this world, but set apart from it. Our choices of what we watch and wear are to be in line with our obedience to God; if it makes us sin, then cut it out; if we diminish in our walk with God, then cut it out.

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