♣ Nothing But the Best

The Best

“…I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own…I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” – Philippians 3:12, 14.

“The good is the enemy of the best” – Oswald Chambers.

GOD IS RELENTLESS in His work of salvation in the life of the regenerate and when Paul mentioned in Philippians 1:6, that He will complete the work He began in you, you can be sure God will take whatever means necessary to accomplish that. When the Spirit of God seals you unto the day of redemption (when Christ returns), it unshakably entails that we shall be like Christ without censure of anything that speaks of imperfection. We shall be changed; we shall be made perfect just as He is.

Although we are infirmed with sin in this life, that never dulls Paul’s exhortation of reckoning ourselves dead to sin (Romans 6:11) and with that reckoning comes the power to be what God expects of us in the here and now.

God loves us without reservation and has fully accepted us in His Son. There is absolutely no condemnation where the Law of God stands; we are no longer judged by it, for it has already done its work in bringing us to the end of ourselves unto the feet of Christ; the Law has already shown we are sinners and that we are deserving of nothing but His full justice toward sin. The Law, through the precision of the Holy Spirit, has made its deathly blow to all that stands for self-sufficiency in regards to our salvation.

God wants nothing but the best for you and will employ nothing but the best methods in order that you be nothing but the best God has called you to. That has nothing to do with competing or outdoing others; it’s God’s foreordained plan of bringing you to the place of where you, not just stand (the truth about you), but breathe the very fruition of GOD’S – not man’s – calling on your life and it is one continuous climb.

God wants us to be our best now in the grace that we stand, in the grace that is overabounding to be overcomers of everything that stands contrary to Him. Yes, we have our failings – and yes, we are not without sin, but we do have the power to not sin. Are we realising that? None of us would continue running this race if it wasn’t for grace; we would all be disqualified, but thank God for His steadfast love Who loves us dearly to not let us go. He will see the image of His Son fully formed in us – the grand and ultimate reason for our salvation.

God is not content with us to settle for the good over and above the best; He will not bring dishonour to His name by having His heirs live in anything that contradicts the life they have been called to. God will break us of the good that we are accustomed to settling for, thinking it’s the best and those times more often than not come with a stinging reminder that we are not our own, but God’s possession to live a life worthy of His name. Oh, there is no condemnation here whatsoever. If this does not make your heart leap with amazement for the eternal security you have in God, then you are missing it.

God disciplines those Whom He loves and those times that seem so cruel, life’s interruptions that ruin us and our own ways, are but the best gifts of mercy in bringing us back on the paths of righteousness.

God has paid the highest price for your salvation, so refuse to entertain the thought that He will let you carry on living the way that you please or to settle for mediocre spirituality. God has a high calling on every one of us, not just the apostle Paul. You can fulfill your high calling in obscurity and oftentimes God calls us to that. Very rare does God have His saints in the limelight and if He does it’s because they will not steal from His glory. The only important thing is that heaven witnesses what you do, for what shall be done in secret will be brought out into the open.

It’s living the best for Him, not unto ourselves, no matter how high our standards maybe. Remember that the Pharisees had very high standards, but failed appallingly in the eyes of God. The motto, “God hasn’t finished with me yet, so be patient” is no excuse to linger in anyway that inhibits our growth in grace. God calls us to prove His grace for us in whatever situation we are in, whether ill or good, happy or sad. ‘Bad’ circumstances from the hand of God are our first aids resuscitating us from spiritual complacency, dullness and laziness; good circumstances have the inclination to dull our spiritual edge where we need to be most on guard.

Beware of the distractions that we tend to call good. Distractions don’t have to be overtly bad in themselves; it’s oftentimes the innocent and seemingly harmless diversions that keep us from the best.

God give us added grace to press on toward the best: the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.


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