♣ Investing or Giving?

Widow's Mite

TWO VERY PROMINENT moments will continue to stand out in my life being the recipient of receiving gifts from others of substantial amounts, but what really speaks volumes is not so much the quantity of how much they gave, but rather, how they sacrificially gave with no conditions attached. 

There are two kinds of giving that exist in our world: one that is an investment and the other that is truly sacrificial and a pleasing aroma to God. By investment I mean, giving with a catch – to eventually get something back from the one receiving (known or unbeknown). A pleasing aroma to God is giving with a full sincere heart; there are no hidden agenda’s (from man’s eyes, while being fully laid out before God’s), but integrity running right through the whole process from beginning to end.

When we give to others, do we give the best? We may have duplicates; do we give the most worn to others, for instance; is it cheap (from our standpoint), where no cost of ours is involved? True giving is a sacrifice and if we don’t feel the ‘pinch’ then we have not given at all. Rather, we have cheated someone out of something valuable while looking good in the eyes of others and audaciously in the eyes of the receiver themselves!

It is not so much going out of our way to give something above and beyond our financial means, but wisdom in giving the best we already possess. Do we have integrity? Someone once said that integrity is doing the right thing when nobody else is looking.

When we invest in ‘blessing’ others, we are not giving at all and we are no different from the world, or from the worst criminal that has a mind to ‘give’ in such a way. While looking impressive in the eyes of others and giving ourselves a pat on the back for doing a ‘good’ deed of the day, such motives are a stench to God, to which we will give an account. Many believe that God sees but then live as if He’s ignorant of some things. ALL things are laid bare before His sight.

These things may seem all too insignificant for many of us, but to God they are not. Our kind of giving reveals a whole lot about ourselves. We are either the widow parting with the best she had (Mark 12:41-44)  – giving with a full heart, or holding back for self-gain as that of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11) to which indicates, from the consequences, how serious this is to God.

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