1. Such blessed, sound, encouraging words.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful site! I “passed by” here when googling for “Show me Thy face” and found your post, then read “Restored Beyond,” which blessed me to joyful tears. Today my husband and I would have celebrated 50 years of marriage. So glad we had 45 together. His Homegoing was sudden and supernatural. Enlargement through Loss (T. Austin-Sparks). Five years have passed, and I have not finished my God-given assignment. Your post confirmed that He has been working in me and He will bring it to pass.

    • Bless your heart! God is so much with us in the loss. He’s always with us, but in painful times He seems to show Himself in ways that astound us. He knows the exact time to speak to us and when that comes it transfigures everything. Out of the pain comes something beautiful and with everything we will say, He does all things well.

      God continue to encourage and confirm His ways to you.

      Let me leave you with this from Oswald Chambers: “There will come one day a personal and direct touch from God when every tear and perplexity, every oppression and distress, every suffering and pain, and wrong and injustice will have a complete and ample and overwhelming explanation.”

  3. Thanks for this. My daughter’s name is Moriah. We adopted her from the time she was born, and she has special needs. I’ve seen so much of God’s beauty and grace through her life, though at times it’s been challenging. I knew her name meant “the Lord is my teacher,” and I’ve always prayed that He would be that for her. But something about the meaning, “the teaching place” stirred me to remember how God just as much using her to teach me! I learn so much about God’s love, grace, and mercy through her life. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and a blessed one as well. Moriah… I have never known anyone to be named with that, but that is beautiful especially for a girl. I have a friend whose son is down syndrome and he is a jewel. He’s round about thirty years of age and is very kind-hearted, affectionate and just great company. He is a gift from God and my goodness, what such people can teach us. Sometimes as adults we tend to think we know it all or have it all together and God has His ways of showing us that we do not at all; how we desperately need God. Thank God for His patience with us!

      Bless your heart and your daughter, Moriah and thank you for joining. May you continue to grow as the Lord unfolds more of His amazing ways to you.

  4. Mark or do I call you Mark Anthony, I have been blessed by your posts, so much so that I have been sending some of them to my email inbox to keep them. Do you know I thought that M. A. Williams was another great (not that you aren’t :-)) preacher of yesteryear like Spurgeon etc (hiding my face right now :-)). Your words are also so very God inspired. Thank you.

    • 🙂 Just call me Mark. The M.A. Williams is what I use for my signature in other work.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement.

      I remember reading Lloyd-Jones once when he said something like, “I don’t care if a man is a great preacher, is gifted with eloquence or has a very high or low IQ; what I look for is this: can such a preacher give me a sense of God, no matter how small or big?” We can all be in that place where the life of God touches others through us – whether we are simple or intellectual people; well-known or obscure ordinary folk. Jesus chose a bunch of the most unlikely crew we could ever imagine and yet He turned the world upside down through them. What encouragement!

      God has had His Brainherd’s, Whitefield’s, Spurgeon’s, M’Cheyne’s, Chambers’, Lloyd-Jones’, Tozer’s and the Ravenhill’s, and they were extraordinary men, gifted with greatness for His glory. God knew that they were men who would not steal from His glory… my goodness, to have some of the oil of their devotion to their Lord in our generation would make such an impact in our era.

      If this site can give just a little taste to want more of God , not Mark, then I’ll know it has not been mere wind or in vain. I know I will never amount to the calibre of these men, but suffice it, Lord – let me give others a glimpse of You.

      As I mentioned to you earlier, you have a God-given gift with words that are touching and moving. Keep writing for Him and God richly bless you in all your labours for Him.

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