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♣ Kept Safe IN Trouble


“You are a hiding place for me; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with shouts of deliverance” – Psalm 32:7.

WE ARE MISTAKEN to think that the Christian life is exempt from trouble and this particular verse, “You preserve me from trouble” can certainly give that impression when taken into consideration without the preceding and subsequent verses.

David, of all people, in the Old Testament was laden with problem after problem; his entire life was one that spoke of struggle and yet he penned some of the most comforting and reassuring Psalms, that at a glance may cast contradictions.

Without the pain David often encountered he would never have known such closeness with God which was expressed through worship – “You are my Rock, my Fortress, my High tower, my Light, my Deliverer, my Shepherd, my Salvation…” and who better to say, Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all” (Psalm 34:19)?

David is not insinuating that God inoculates us from trouble, but rather, in the very midst of them we are kept – held soundly together; we are preserved from trouble doing its destructive work and what is meant for harm actually turns out for our very best. The very aspect of troubles is what develops Christian character; they reinforce Christian graces; the very ingredient of sanctification is opposition – trouble. “Satan has desired to sift you as wheat” – and boy, did Peter go through such a sifting, but His faith was kept unconquerable by the One Who initiated it in the first place.

How else can we know songs of deliverance if we haven’t a clue of what heartache really is? Those heart-wrenching moments oftentimes make us feel that our lives are falling apart, but God is still sovereign over everything, leading to the final outcome that He is bringing us into; our lives in Christ are still held intact. God is still our Shepherd through the deepest darkness, leading us in His ways and it is His perspective that indeed restores our soul.

In the very throes of trouble we know God to be a very present help (Psalm 46:1) as He is nearer to us than our very own souls. Nothing goes unnoticed by Him. His silence in delayed instances is often an indication of His very confidence that we will get through because of His unbreakable hold on us.

In the very throes of trouble we are surrounded with songs of deliverance if we will care to listen and hearing God in trouble doesn’t always come in ways we anticipate; His silence leads us to have utmost confidence in Him – we ‘know’ the Truth and now we have to rightly appropriate that in actualities where it becomes real to us; it is already real but we have to enter into the domain of where it speaks an unshakeable realisation in us.

“I ask that You do not take them of out of the world but that You keep (preserve) them in it” (John 17:15) – and in that keeping ensures our faith will most certainly grow.

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life” (Psalm 138:7).

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