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♣ Mere Dust Without His Breath


“For he knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust” – Psalm 103:14

Dust is literally from where we came. How weak and helpless we are. A true reckoning with this will drive us to God; will drive home our desperate need of Him.

How insignificantly small we are; how vulnerable we are before the majesty and transcendence of God. He remembers that we are but dust without His breath, frail and a smouldering candle wick that hasn’t a chance of reigniting, but for His mercy and steadfast love. He does not treat us according to our sinful nature, but woos us through His love that cost His Son dearly to make it possible to forgive us, to clear us from judgement, to declare us righteous because of Christ’s merits, to transform our status from being an enemy to an heir of God.

Now heirs of God, we are called to abide in Him, and draw continually on His breath, for we are still dust; it will always be our infirmity to need God, but also our highest privilege to realise that life without God is nothing; our lives are but meaningless without Him,  a mere vapour that dissipates and returns no more.

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