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♣ Winning Every Step of the Way


MANY OF US no doubt are wondering as to where God is amidst all the terror that pervades our world. The recent atrocities that took place in Paris, France on Friday 13th November 2015 leave us staggered. A big question that frustratingly hangs unanswered is the accountability of world leaders that are responsible for endangering millions of innocent civilians by not only allowing but welcoming an invasion of barbaric ideology in the guise of religion. Our politically correct society leave the hands of many stained with the blood of stolen lives. Diplomacy and negotiation with terrorists have landed us in such dangerous predicaments that our Third World War could well be fought on our very own doorsteps, something entirely different to the last two global wars that took place last century.

We can be certain that the Scriptures emphatically state that our world will grow all the more dark. The issue that many have at present is with the silence and inactivity of God that seems so apparent. Were these not the questions asked during our 1st and 2nd World Wars?

What about the work of God supposedly ‘advancing’ in the face of evil, evil that looks and feels so prevalent and all that makes the news headlines nowadays is nothing but pessimism and future scenarios that leave us with no hope.

The actual opposite is true; God is working and God is sovereignly bringing about every plan and purpose of His.

Earlier on this year, Heart Cry magazine issued this report by Paul Washer that was a great encouraging reminder that I wish to post it here for the encouragement of others. The Lord reigns and the earth will soon be full of His glory.

“…In the last three months, the world has seen much negativity: Western culture continues to drift further from God, war wages in Ukraine and the Middle East is engulfed in turmoil. The threat of terrorism continues to grow in almost every corner of the globe and the persecution of Christians continues to increase.

The stages seem dark; and yet, in the midst of this darkness, the Gospel continues to triumph. Although evil makes the headlines and God’s work goes unnoticed, those of us who believe know that “our God is in the heavens” and “He does whatever He pleases” (Psalm 115:3). And although the kingdom is like a mustard seed – smaller than all the seeds that are upon the soil – when it grows, it “becomes larger than all the garden plants and forms large branches”; and “the birds of the air can nest under its shade” (Mark 4:31-32).

We must be careful to never judge God’s work by mere appearances, but by what He has declared in His Word. He has told us that He “desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4). Will He not then work for the salvation of men and for the spread of His Gospel of truth? Even now, He is accomplishing a great work that if full revealed would astound believers and unbelievers alike. God is not doing a small thing upon the earth, but a work of gigantic proportions! He is not losing; He is winning every step of the way. Though presently unseen to the carnal eye, the final day will reveal it!

The most difficult aspect of being editor of the HeartCry Magazine is having to cull so many testimonies and reports, simply because there is not enough room in these thirty-six pages to tell them all. It is for this reason, among many others, that I praise God for the internet and for our staff who are constantly posting content on HeartCry website.

This magazine is just a small glimpse of all the Lord’s work around the world in which He has allowed us to take part…”

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