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♣ Erosive Aspiration


THE SUMMUM BONUM of almost every person’s aspiration is to set up a luxurious retirement and the sooner the better. Only the few will you find choosing a vocation they love doing, while the majority have an end-goal in mind that offers the highest retirement benefits.

It’s pitiable when considering the highest form of humanity’s ambition; we are schooled in order to choose a career and probably for the next 20, 30 or 40 years we work hard with the hope of enjoying the last few years of our life, without having to go through the monotonous drill of clocking in and out of work schedules. That is what comprises much of society’s work ethics. How often have you heard others speak of an early and ideal retirement? We’ve all heard it more than we can count.

One cannot avoid thinking of certain high officials, who at any cost (to the innocent lives of others) and by any road (no matter how inhumane) accumulate prodigious wealth in order to leave office and live out the duration of their days with complete ease and security.

Ease and security – everything that encapsulates man’s and woman’s desire and once it has been achieved, the summit has been reached; there is nothing more to live for. Whether we have gained our riches through ill or good gain, every one of us has to face a day of reckoning. The rich and poor die alike; we all end the same way, “The rich and the poor meet together; the Lord is the maker of them all” (Proverbs 22:2) – naked we came into this world and in the same fashion we shall go out of it; our breath will return unto God to Whom we shall give an account.

Man’s most erosive aspiration is to accumulate wealth while remaining spiritually bankrupt towards God and so many are consumed with meeting their material needs at the expense of knowing God. If we are not laying up treasures in heaven, then we are most certainly governed and bound by earthly values. Everything of this world, not just the material, but also the philosophies and ideologies that deny Christ will cease to exist by the command of His Word. Only our souls, however, will continue to live in either misery or felicity and what we have built our lives around will determine our eternity. If God has spoken to us effectually unto salvation then we shall remain with Him, for His Word cannot pass away and He shall lose none of those who are His.

To know God is man’s loftiest aspiration; everything else, however noble, must come secondary to that. Our grandest ambition is to be spiritually rich in Christ and the richer we become, the more we shall give of ourselves freely to others in need. It’s never a hoarding unto ourselves (which is a hallmark of an unregenerate state) because we’re already secure in Christ; it’s now our longing that others are thus made secure in Him.

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